Diana DeGarmo is dating Ace Young after having met in the Broadway revival of 'Hair.' Ace and Diana Degarmo, who are both 'American Idol' alums hadn't actually met on the reality TV show, and have been dating for over two years in secret.
The couple began dating back in 2010 and are only talking about it now. They had previously been snapped on the red carpet and both seen in 'Hair'. However now DeGarmo spoke to PEOPLE about how she had become smitten when they met in New York and their friendship had 'blossomed into a beautiful relationship'. Young, who is seven years her senior, joked that seeing DeGarmo naked in 'Hair' was all it took: 'I was already interested in her as a person before I got to see her with no clothes on. But [that] sealed the deal.' DeGarmo began touring with the cast of '9 to 5' whilst Young was back in Los Angeles, but now the two are in the same city and living together. They both write songs together, having received a Grammy nomination recently for co-writing 'It's Not Over' for fellow 'Idol' alum Chris Daughtry. Young further elaborates: 'She's my best friend. To be able to dive in with Diana and help create songs that [tell] her story is amazing.'
DeGarmo was a runner-up on season three of 'American Idol', whilst Ace came seventh on season five.