Detroit Social Club frontman DAVID BURN was left hobbling around on a music video set after falling through a creaky floorboard during filming.
The British rockers were shooting a promo clip for their upcoming single, Northern Man, in an abandoned property earlier this summer (10) when Burn stepped on a piece of flimsy flooring and plunged into a giant hole.
He tells, "It was right at the beginning of the shoot in this dilapidated old building. I was walking around, trying a suit on when I fell through the floor into this big trench. No one helped me at all. Everyone was shouting, 'Photo! Photo!'"
And Burn admits he's still recovering from the accident, adding: "I really knackered (injured) my ankle. It still throbs occasionally now. Last week I tried playing football for the first time and I still can't, it's agony."