Review of Sunshine People Single by Detroit Social Club

Review of Detroit Social Club's single 'Sunshine People'.

Detroit Social Club Sunshine People Single

Bands are rarely allowed to form underneath our radar these days; in a world where you can create the kind of buzz with MySpace and YouTube which would've cost several hundred grand of your label's marketing budget a few years ago, everyone with a broadband connection knows everything about everyone else right from the get go.

So Newcastle six piece Detroit Social Club come almost fully formed, with a halo of momentum around their second single, celebrity props and a blogger or two reckoning that they're the next in line to save rock and roll's wayward soul. The problem is that Sunshine People sounds like something Serge Pizzorno wrote on the back of a Benson's packet; big guitars go forwards and backwards, snare drums are pulverised to within an inch of their lives and clunky psychedelic keyboard flourishes are chucked in like kitchen sinks. Tunes it seems are another band's problem, and it really doesn't help that the additional track Cause & Consequence sounds exactly - and I mean exactly - the same.

Given some time to grow away from the gaze of our PC monitors we may well get some results, but for now Detroit Social Club will have to contend with the fact that the hype around them is simply that.

Andy Peterson

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