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Eric Bana Immediately Said Yes To The Forgiven

Eric Bana immediately said yes to starring in 'The Forgiven'.The 49-year-old actor portrays notorious murderer Piet Blomfeld in the new drama/thriller by Roland Joffe, which follows his attempt to seek redemption through meetings with Archbishop...

Forest Whitaker Relieved By Desmond Tutu's Reaction To His Performance

Forest Whitaker breathed a sigh of relief when he learn Desmond Tutu approved of his portrayal of the South African cleric.The 56-year-old actor plays the iconic religious leader and civil rights activist in the drama...

Desmond Tutu Home From Hospital

The South African activist was discharged from a medical centre on Friday (04Sep15) following his third hospital stay in less than two months. The 83 year old has been battling an infection...

Daniel Craig: I Wanted To Fall At Desmond Tutu's Feet

Daniel Craig wanted to fall at the feet of Desmond Tutu on a flight to New York - but was too intimated.The 47-year-old actor - who 's best known for playing the iconic secret agent...

Desmond Tutu Back In Hospital

The 83-year-old former cleric endured two hospital stays in July (15) as he battled an infection stemming from his 18-year battle with prostate cancer, and he was back in a medical facility on...

Desmond Tutu Recovering After Hospital Stint

The 83-year-old South African cleric was admitted to a medical facility in Cape Town over the weekend (01-02Aug15) after suffering complications from his 18-year cancer struggle. He has been battling the infection...

Desmond Tutu Sues Granddaughter For Malicious Property Damage

Ziyanda Palesa Tutu announced plans to surrender to police on Friday (15May15) after her grandparents confirmed they had filed a criminal complaint against her. Details are hazy, but Cape Town police officials...

America's Got Talent Returns: But Did Sharon Osbourne Turn Up?

America's Got Talent returned to screens on Tuesday evening (August 14, 2012) to help cure the country's Olympics hangover. After taking a break for London 2012, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon sloped back...

Nobel Laureates Condemn Nbc's Stars Earn Stripes

Nine winners of the Nobel Peace Prize have written an open letter to NBC, condemning the network's new reality series Stars Earn Stripes for "expand[ing] on an inglorious tradition of glorifying war and armed violence."...

Desmond Tutu Slams 'Stars Earn Stripes' For Glorifying War

No less than nine Nobel Peace Prize Laureates have come forth and slammed the new Nbc show Stars Earn Stripes, on the grounds that the show glorifies war and the military.Archbishop Desmond Tutu, landmine and...

Forest Whitaker To Play Archbishop Tutu

Forest Whitaker is set to play Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 'The Archbishop and the Antichrist'.The Oscar-winning actor is set to take on the role of South African activist - who was the first black South...

John To Be Banned From Tobago?

Church leaders in Tobago want SIR ELTON JOHN banned from headlining a music festival on the Caribbean island amid fears he will turn locals gay. The openly homosexual singer is due to perform at the...

Tutu Treads The Boards To Blast Bush

Retired Archbishop of Cape Town DESMOND TUTU is treading the theatre boards in New York city to blast the GEORGE W BUSH administration's handling of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. The Nobel laureate took to...

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