Denzel Washington upset a homeless man by only giving him $10 recently.

The US actor was leaving a restaurant in New York when he was approached by a man and a woman who explained they had no money and nowhere to live.

Touched by their story, Denzel gave $10 to the man and $100 to his companion, much to the gentleman's disgust.

A source told The National Enquirer magazine: "The woman was so excited and started screaming, 'Denzel Washington just gave me $100', but the man seemed very upset and said he felt shortchanged."

Meanwhile, Sir Mick Jagger was stunned when he tried to get change for $20 in order to give his waiter a tip but the barman insisted the man keep the whole $20 because the rocker doesn't need the money.

A witness said: "When the server told the barman that Mick wanted change for a $20 to give him a tip, he replied, 'Mick Jagger doesn't need change of a 20' and slipped the money into the guy's pouch.

"Mick looked stunned at first but then he and his friend had a good chuckle about it."