Denzel Washington's turn as a pilot with a penchant for a drink in Flight has raised many eyebrows. Most critics praised the film, while some commentators weren't sure about the film's message.

Aside from that, and as is the case with every film he's in, Washington's performance has been unanimously praised. He's been talking to about how the experience of filming Flight hasn't changed his views on the mode of transport.

"I was once on a private plane and it was so rough I had to sit down the flight attendant and calm her down," he says. "I remember thinking at the time, 'Aren't you supposed to be helping me?' But I think the time to worry about flying is while you're still on the ground. Once you're in the air, there isn't much you can do."

Washington also reminisces about the last time he tried to mix alcohol and filmmaking. "It's funny being back here," he says. "Because this is where I last tried to drink in a film. Back in the 1980s, I did a movie called For Queen and Country and it was freezing cold. So we were doing a scene and we drank a couple of Scotches or something. We were doing great, but the director was like, 'Cut, cut. What are you doing? What's wrong with you?' We had thought we were brilliant, but he said, 'No, you're not. You're drunk. That's it for the day. Let's go home.'"