Cole passed away at the age of 90 earlier this month (Aug15) following a short illness, and he was laid to rest at a ceremony in Reading, England attended by his family and several actor friends.

Waterman, who co-starred with Cole in his most famous role as dodgy dealer Arthur Daley in hit U.K. TV series Minder, gave a eulogy at the service and told how he had such fun with his pal on set.

He told mourners, "People are always asking me for anecdotes. Working with George was an anecdote. It was non-stop. We laughed all day long, every day. I can't understand or bear to think how the family feel because I know how we feel. It's a wonderful day I suppose but a horrible one. Personally I would rather be doing Hamlet with no rehearsals than this."

Cole's coffin was carried into the church as the theme song from Minder, sung by Waterman, was played, and other guests included veteran British actors Patrick Malahide and Simon Williams.