After a bit of struggle, Demi Lovato made it to Washington DC yesterday, where she received an award from the US Department of Health. Lovato was celebrated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for succeeding in her own struggle with substance abuse, bipolar disorder and poor body image and subsequently becoming a mentor and a role model for young people, AceShowbiz reports. Demi has never shied away from admitting that she has struggled with mental health issues before and she aims to use her own personal story as inspiration for those who aren’t quite out of the woods yet.

"Every young person faces challenges as they work toward becoming an independent adult, and for those with mental health challenges, it can be even more of a struggle," she said in a moving speech. "I want those young adults to know that your life has meaning and you can reach out to someone you trust for support and overcome any challenges in your life."

The ceremony was perfectly timed – coming just two days ahead of the nationally observed Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. But, despite feeling honored, the “Heart Attack” singer almost missed the festivities over a minor incident. The people at airport security could not recognize the newly blond singer from her passport photo and almost held her back from boarding. Demi herself wasn’t at all fazed by the obstacle, however, and tweeted afterwards: "Almost didn't make it through airport security!! I look SO different from my driver's license!! Hahaha #blondehairdon'tcare,” showing off that new chill attitude of hers.

Demi Lovato, London Fashion Week
It might not be obvious from her peppy demeanor, but the Disney girl has had her share of ups and downs.