One Direction fans can sleep easy tonight. Especially those with posters of Niall Horan on their bedroom ceiling. Demi Lovato has finally put to bed any rumours that she and Niall are dating. Having said that, she's put those rumours to bed before, but they keep getting up in the middle of the night, and rearing their ugly heads again. Perhaps if Demi and Niall didn't keep going on cosy dinner dates together, people would stop asking questions? Still, Demi insists that she and Niall are just good pals. And that Mexican dinner they shared after the VMA awards? Just two pals, sharing a casual dinner, it seems.
"There's nothing going on. Niall's my friend," said the 20 year-old X Factor judge. She made the comment at a press junket for the TV talent show. Of course, they are connected through the show itself, as One Direction found fame as contestants on the UK version of the show. "I'm really happy for One Direction and the success that they've had," said Lovato, of the boys who recently had success at MTV's Video Music Awards. She added "It just goes to show you how crazy this competition is to making stars and the success that they have. He's a good friend of mine."
Lovato wouldn't be drawn on whether or not there was another guy in her life, as she and Niall Horan are just good mates: "I'm just focusing on my work right now," insisted the Camp Rock star.