Demi Lovato has thanked her fans for their support during her time in rehabilitation.
Demi Lovato, the 'Camp Rock' star who checked into rehabilitation in November 2010 for "emotional and physical issues" has thanked her fans for their support during her "darkest time", reports Us Magazine.In a new video message, the 18-year-old was reluctant to specify why she had been receiving treatment, but told fans that she "wouldn't have been here today" had it not been for their support. It was reported that Lovato had suffered from eating disorders in the past but when speaking about her most recent struggles she simply said, "The journey that I've been on has been very difficult over the past few months. I was dealing with issues that I know not only girls just my age but of all ages are dealing with". Speculation concerning Lovato's personal problems first arose back in November 2010 when she suddenly left a world tour with the Jonas Brothers.
Demi Lovato, who is recognised as one of Disney biggest and most marketable stars, hinted that she is looking forward to returning to the stage and screen in the near future, saying, "I am excited to get back to work".