Singer/actress Demi Lovato has temporarily quit
The 19-year-old star, who endured a rehab stint at the end of 2010 in a bid to conquer bulimia and other personal issues, reveals her daily tweets have landed her in "trouble", so she has decided to take a break from social networking.
Lovato has failed to shed light on what the problems may be, but in a post on Saturday (21Jan12), she wrote, "Can't please everyone."
She then announced her plans to stay away from Twitter for the near future, writing, "Twitter break. It's for the best actually. Who allows me to have this thing anyways?!!! I just get myself in trouble! Haha. Anyway... Bye!"
Lovato's decision comes days after she reportedly split from her actor boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama and then posted her thoughts on love and loss via Twitter.