Yeah, you read the headline correctly. Demi Lovato - the X-Factor judge who has a potentially massive hit on her hands in the form of 'Heart Attack' - ended up with a broken leg as a result of watching Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook and delving into a delicious popsicle.


"[My roommate] did the whole floor [with Pledge]. I had this screener for 'Silver Linings Playbook.' I went to sit down. I got up for a Popsicle I came back and I slipped and fell," she told Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday. "And it just snapped." Ouch. The singer, who dropped the lead single off her new album a couple of days ago after an early leak, said she could be back in action in three months' time. Will that include a return to the X Factor judging panel?

Well, Lovato told Seacrest she "doesn't know" if she'll stay with Simon Cowell and the gang, though insisted she has no plans to go easy on the British music mogul should she return. "I'm kind of fearless and I'm from Texas. I say what's on my mind and I can't really hide. It's a perfect combination like me [and him]. He loves it."

As for her new track, dubbed the best song of Lovato's relatively short career - well, it's about love. "Sometimes it's so much harder to get hurt than it is letting your wall down and falling in love," she told Seacrest.

Listen to 'Heart Attack' below: