Demi Lovato has had her issues in the past, but recent reports surfacing that the star is back in rehab have been proven to be incorrect after a gossip website, Blind Gossip, suggested that the American singer had gone to a Malibu treatment centre to deal with issues regarding substance abuse. Lovato has been in treatment before, seeking help for personal issues including an eating disorder and self-harm.
She's since become somewhat of a role model on the subject however, last December visiting the centre where she'd had treatment and telling those there "To be able to share my story and let them know that it gets easier ... Life is beautiful ... you are worthy of it. Please say a prayer for all of those struggling with eating disorders, self-harm, mood disorders and substance abuse." With this knowledge it seemed unlikely that Lovato had come off the rails, and indeed MTV reports that it hasn't been the case - though she did have some disappointing news for her fans, revealing that she was leaving Twitter for a while.
"Twitter break. It's for the best actually. Who allows me to have this thing anyways?!!! I just get myself in trouble! Haha. Anyway... Bye!," she tweeted, for what looks to be the last time for a while. Not a step to be taken lightly when your followers reach some 5.6 million people.