Demi Lovato is releasing her very own memoir, come November, entitled Staying Strong: 365 Days A Year. The 21 year-old former Disney star has apparently agreed to a "multi-book" deal with Feiwel and Friends, according to Billboard.

Demi Lovato
Demi's Diversifying Her Showbiz Career.

This isn't the first career divergence of the year for Lovato: she'll also be starring in the new season of Glee, playing a New York wannabe singer and Adam Lambert's nemesis. Staying Strong... will apparently be comprised on tweets that Lovato has written over the past year about her life and problems. So it would be possible to say that Demi has been hard at work on her first memoir over the course of the year. A year in progress? Tick.

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Demi Is Young To Pen A Memoir: Will It Be An Interesting Read?

If you're a jaded writer trying to peddle your manuscript to any seedy publishers that will give it a glance, I implore that you force back down the bile: Demi's mega book deal is supposedly justified by the fact that she, like most other people, have had a struggle in her life that's just waiting to be poured on to a page in all its emotional rawness.

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Demi Hopes To Inspire Her Fans To Stay Strong No Matter What.

Lovato is known to have battled drug addiction as well as estrangement from her father and even entered a treatment facility in 2010 after reaching tipping point, punching a backing dancer. She has admitted to Seventeen that she suffered with bulimia and has self-harmed, drank heavily and used drugs to try to combat her personal issues. She may only be 21 years of age, but she has tasted the dark side of fame that unfortunately often accompanies success at such a young age.

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Look Out For Demi On The New X Factor Season & On Glee.

Now clean and in her second year as an X Factor mentor, busy Demi has been teasing her fans by tweeting the hashtag #stayingstrong. Lovato explained her upcoming project via Keek, as reported by Entertainment Wise, saying "I am a firm believer in starting off the day right with an inspirational quote and a morning meditation." She added: "It's just something that I'm excited about. I hope you all like it and I hope it inspires you all [towards] staying strong."

Demi will be back on screens in the US via The X Factor this week for a brand new season that premieres with a two-part episode starting tomorrow (11th September).