Being able to try out a new look at any time is one of the perks of being a star, and Demi Lovato’s blonde crop, which she unveiled recently confirmes it. Lovato seems to have quite an addiction when it comes to dying and cutting her hair and it’s no wonder – with so many stylists working for her, why should a girl stick to just one look? In the past, Demi has rocked luscious dark locks and pin straight blonde ponytails, she’s been a sandy blonde and a peroxide princess, she’s tried the redhead look, cut layers into her hair and even got the ends dip-dyed pink last summer. For the former American Idol judge, changing her hair means more than just trying out a new look. "I love changing my hair a lot - I think it's fun," Lovato told in an August 2012 interview. "I used to always want to dye my hair blue and purple and pink when I was younger. But I was busy trying to make it in the industry as an actress, and it was hard to go in for auditions with blue hair. And so when I heard of the dip-dye trend, I loved it, and I felt like I could finally dye my hair blue. You know you've made it when you can dye your hair blue.”

It’s as good a status symbol as any, if you ask us. Though it is slightly disappointing that we’re yet to see Demi’s mane go neon blue.

Demi Lovato, Sony Music Aftershow Party
Before her blonde transformation, Lovato had been rocking her long brunette locks for a while.