Delia Smith has been dropped from the Waitrose supermarket adverts after nearly three years in order to place more emphasis on chef favourite Heston Blumenthal.

Delia has always been popular for her timeless, classic home-made dishes while Heston has received increasing fame for his inventive and often unusual dishes such as snail porridge as well as his wacky TV shows, the latest of which, 'Heston's Fantastical Food', was dedicated to creating enormous sized versions of our most favourite foods. Waitrose have defended their decision insisting that Heston's appeal will 'excite customers' and will begin to 'push the boundaries of supermarket innovation' and so Delia is set to end her contract on the £10 million campaign in February after being a part of it since 2010. It seems that their decision may have been a smart one as Heston's recipes, like, ketchup-flavoured bacon and, of course, duck and sour cherry bangers, have sold well amongst Waitrose shoppers.

The marketing chief for the supermarket, Rupert Thomas, has, however, insisted that Delia has been a brilliant part of the advertising scheme. 'It has been such a fantastic experience working with Delia', he told The Mirror. Delia has, however, declined to comment further on the decision.