After the passing of Debralee Scott on 5th April, 2005, her family have revealed that they are worried the actress drank herself to death following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Scott was a known television actress who appeared in the 'Police Academy' movies amongst others, and sadly lost her fiancé in the attacks.


Dennis Levi, Scott's fiancé, was a New York policeman that was caught in the World Trade Centre on the day of the attack. Levi's mother, Joanne Priavity, claims that it was this incident that caused Scott to turn to drinking and stated that "Debralee has cirrhosis of the liver from her drinking."


Scott's sister, Jerri Scott, also commented on her sister's affliction, saying that "She never did get over Dennis' death." Debralee Scott was found dead three days after her 52nd Birthday, following her decision to finally move on, and relocate from New York to Florida in order to start a new life.