Actress Debi Mazar can't watch herself having sex onscreen - unless it's with her husband.

The Goodfellas star requested her real-life spouse as a sex scene partner in new movie Lovelace and admits it was one of her most enjoyable lovemaking movements on a movie set.

She tells Wenn, "I can't watch myself having an orgasm on the big screen. Thank God it's my husband that's in front of me in between my legs in this film.

"I did another film many years ago when I was broken up in a relationship and I was really skinny and I had to do a nude scene and I was horrified to watch myself being intimate on camera with someone else.

"As an actor I throw myself into the scene and it was fantastic. The good news is I got to rehearse at home a lot, since the actor playing the guy between my legs (in the film) happened to be my husband, so that made it a lot of fun."

The actress portrays porn star Dolly Sharp in the new Linda Lovelace biopic, which also features Amanda Seyfried as the titular character and Sharon Stone as her mum.