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She's Funny That Way - Clips

Highly respected theatre director Arnold Albertson could not have made more of a mistake when he spends the night with a young and attractive escort named Izzy; now determined to become an actress, she turns up at auditions for his next big Broadway show the following day. To make matters even more awkward, his wife Delta is already cast in the upcoming play and Izzy's remarkable skill leaves him no choice but to take her on to avoid suspicion from the rest of the impressed cast. Unfortunately, it isn't long before Delta's co-star and ex-boyfriend Seth (who happens to still be in love with Delta) finds out about Arnold's brazen infidelity, and with this hanging over him, Arnold has no idea if show will go on if the truth comes out. Izzy is also causing a stir in other people's love lives; her therapist Jane has fallen head over heels for Arnold's playwright Joshua, but he only has eyes for Izzy. Who knew one girl could be so much trouble?

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2015 AAFA American Image Awards

Cynthia Rowley and Debi Mazar - A variety of stars were snapped on the red carpet as they arrived for the 37th Annual American Apparel and Footwear Association American Image Awards in New York City, United States - Monday 27th April 2015

Cynthia Rowley, Debi Mazar and Juanita D. Duggan
Debi Mazar and Cynthia Rowley
Juanita D. Duggan, Kelly Osbourne and Debi Mazar
Juanita D. Duggan, Kelly Osbourne and Debi Mazar
Ruben Toledo, Isabel Toledo, Debi Mazar and Juanita D. Duggan

Closing of The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival - 25th Anniversary of 'Goodfellas'

Debi Mazar - A variety of stars were snapped as they arrived for the Closing of The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of 'Goodfellas' in Manhattan, New York, United States - Saturday 25th April 2015

Debi Mazar
Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar
Paul Sorvino, Debi Mazar, Robert De Niro, Lorraine Bracco and Kevin Corrigan
Paul Sorvino, Debi Mazar, Robert De Niro, Lorraine Bracco and Kevin Corrigan
Paul Sorvino, Debi Mazar, Robert De Niro, Lorraine Bracco and Kevin Corrigan

2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Debi Mazar - 2015 Tribeca Film Festival - Vanity Fair Party - Outside Arrivals at Tribeca Film Festival - New York, United States - Tuesday 14th April 2015

Debi Mazar

LGBT Community Center Annual Dinner - Arrivals

Debi Mazar - The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center Annual Dinner held at Cipriani Wall Street - Arrivals at Cipriani Wall Street - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 2nd April 2015

Premiere of TV series 'Younger'

Miriam Shor, Sutton Foster, Debi Mazar and Hilary Duff - A host of stars were snapped as they arrived to the Premiere of the television series 'Younger' which was held at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York, United States - Wednesday 1st April 2015

Miriam Shor and Justin Hagan
Miriam Shor

Entourage Trailer

The world of acting is no longer enough for superstar Vincent Chase, whose now looking at a career in directing. With his lifestyle having taken a significant overhaul following several years of hedonism (though it might not seem like it), Ari Gold is still acting as his agent despite his new job as CEO of Time Warner and is willing to give his client a shot at what he wants to do - even if no-one else seems to think he can pull off directing. He lands a $100 million budget but things get complicated when he goes over by $15 million. Vince isn't overly concerned with the film becoming a flop, but it could mean the end of Ari's career before its started if it doesn't come through.

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She's Funny That Way Trailer

With preparation well underway for his latest Broadway show, director Arnold Albertson (Owen Wilson) heads to New York to begin casting. While there, he has a one-night-stand with a young starlet named Izzy (Imogen Poots). He is then shocked to discover her attending his audition the next day, where she performs alongside his wife Delta (Kathryn Hahn) and performs so well that he has to give her the part. As if that wasn't enough, Abertson's leading man (Rhys Ifans) knows about the affair, and also is in love with Delta. And if THAT wasn't enough, Izzy's therapist Jane (Jennifer Aniston), has fallen in love with the show's playwright Josh (Will Forte), who in turn has fallen in love with Izzy. All that remains, is to find out if the play with succeed with so many forces acing against it.

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'Entourage' Movie Finally Sees The Light Of Day [Trailer And Pictures]

Mark Wahlberg Calvin Harris Billy Bob Thornton Haley Joel Osment Ronda Rousey Gary Busey Jeremy Piven Kevin Connolly Adrian Grenier Kevin Dillon Jerry Ferrara Mindy Robinson Alice Eve Emmanuelle Chriqui Emily Ratajkowski Debi Mazar Constance Zimmer

Cameo appearances can make for some of the greatest moments in movies. Remember seeing Alice Cooper in 'Wayne's World'? Stan Lee in 'Mall Rats'? Mike Tyson in 'The Hangover'? Or, possibly the greatest cameo of all time, Bill Murray in 'Zombieland'? Well, for a show set in and around Hollywood, based on the exploits of rapper/actor/executive producer Mark Wahlberg, it was understandable why HBO's 'Entourage' has more than its fair share of A-list cameos.

'Entourage' is set to hit US theatres on 5th June, 2015.
'Entourage' is set to hit US theatres on 5th June, 2015.

Over the course of its seven-year runtime, 'Entourage' racked up a very impressive list of cameo performances, including Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Hefner, Peter Dinklage, James Cameron, Seth Green, Snoop Dogg, Peter Jackson - you get the idea. There were an awful lot of people getting involved in 'Entourage', so it stands to reason that when the trailer for the feature adaptation launched, people were eagerly looking to see who would be making an appearance outside of the main cast.

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Entourage - Teaser Trailer

After making a name for themselves in Hollywood, Vincent Chase and his entourage of friends from Queens have finally made a movie. The only problem is, that after securing the chance to direct the film for 100 million USD, the film has gone over-budget by 15 million. The money is being put up by a wealthy Texas billionaire, yet the catch is that he really wants a return on his investment. Chase and the gang have to ensure that the movie is a hit - otherwise, they'll have one angry producer and one murderous billionaire on their backs. That probably won't go away, even if they just move back to Queens.

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Lovelace Review


An unusual structure gives this biopic a surprising kick as it explores both sides of the porn industry: the glamour and the sleaze. Oscar-winning documentary filmmakers Epstein and Friedman (The Times of Harvey Milk) keep things so balanced that it sometimes feels a bit clinical, never letting us feel the intense emotions that gurgle throughout the story. But it's a strikingly well-made film with a terrific all-star cast.

It also cleverly looks like it was actually made in the early 1970s, the period in which it's set. This is when 21-year-old Linda Boreman (Seyfried) left the home of her harshly religious parents (Stone and Patrick) to live with her free-spirited boyfriend Chuck (Sarsgaard). By 1972 she was the most famous porn-star on earth, as the lead actress in the crossover adult movie Deep Throat. But the glamorous lifestyle covered a much darker reality: that the abusive Chuck forced her to make the film while selling her body to anyone willing to pay. And it took her several years to break free, tell her story and stand up against the industry that used her.

Cleverly, the film carefully lays out the male-dominated culture in the industry along with the jet-set high life before rewinding and showing us the gruesome underbelly. It's a bold gimmick that undermines the emotional momentum but forces us to examine our own perceptions. And it helps that the filmmakers recreate the period without much fussiness. Yes, there's a lot of big hair and groovy music, but it's never played for laughs. Everything centres on the characters, who are sharply well-played. Seyfried brings a terrific fragility to Linda, while Sarsgaard reveals Chuck's darkness in a complex way. The unrecognisable Stone is also excellent, while Patrick has the film's most moving moment.

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Video - Sharon Stone And Peter Sarsgaard Among 'Lovelace' Stars At Movie Screening - Part 1

Several of the 'Lovelace' cast members were snapped by paparazzi arriving outside the Museum of Modern Art in New York for the screening of the movie. Among them were 'Basic Instinct' actress Sharon Stone, 'The Good Wife' star Chris Noth with his wife Tara Wilson and 'Green Lantern' actor Peter Sarsgaard.

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Video - Colourful Debi Mazar Talks Animatedly To Friends

Actress Debi Mazar (Goodfellas; Batman Forever; Collateral) leaves the Westside Media Center after being interviewed by Chelsea Handler for popular talk show, 'Chelsea Lately'. Debi looks colourful in a pink blouse and purple trousers as she talks to several friends outside the building. She is then seen getting into a waiting car.

Debi is also well known for her role as Shauna in the popular drama 'Entourage', a role which has earned her nominations for 'Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series' and 'Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series' at the Monte Carlo TV Festival and the Screen Actors' Guild Awards, respectively

Entourage: Season Three, Part Two Review

It's next to impossible to discuss the HBO series Entourage without comparing it to the network's other series. You can call it a careerist fantasy that shows what the perfect life would be if one could leave nowhere, Queens, for Hollywood and attain fame and fortune without having to leave your boys behind; a guide to achieving that perfect merging of escapist wealth and friendship, like Sex and the City for men. Or you can go the Curb Your Enthusiasm route by saying the show similarly limns, with minute and quite expertly calibrated precision, the highs and lows nervy East Coasters living the sun-dappled entertainment industry life, with all its quicksand terrors and neurotic joys (Entourage being more interested in the upside, obviously, than the uber-pessimistic Enthusiasm); they even both feature high-tension scenes during temple services. Entourage even shares a certain similarity with The Sopranos in its eerily dead-on pop culture references -- not to mention particularly grating theme songs. The show has a mimic quality that allows it to somehow slide underneath the cultural radar without attracting the same kind of heat as those other touchstone shows. That is, the popularity of Entourage isn't then necessarily written up in magazines and op-ed pages as a sign of (fill in the blank); it arrives with low expectations and leaves a half-hour later, those expectations most always met, with a little change to spare.

That's not to say that HBO doesn't know how to get the most out of its most Maxim-reader-friendly property, a fact perfectly well displayed in the channel's decision to split up the DVD release of season three into two parts, nicely maximizing revenue. The second part, containing the piddling last eight episodes on two discs, is barely enough to get you through a long and dreary Saturday, but is nevertheless a worthy distraction from the messy realities of life.

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Entourage: Season Four Review

When it comes to rooting for a television character, screen actor Vincent Chase is an easy choice. The focal point of the punchy, profane Entourage, Vinnie (Adrian Grenier) is laid back, loyal, great with women, and superstar rich. Maybe we dig him for all those reasons. Or perhaps it's because he lives a lottery-ticket dream while we drool from afar. As we wipe our chins during Entourage's fourth season, the series continues what it does well, and even suffers through some appropriate Hollywood artifice.

Season 4 is all about Medellin, the overblown Pablo Escobar epic Vince has been dying to make. As the season begins, the film -- a lame attempt at Scarface by way of Blow -- is finally rolling in Colombia with Vinnie and his ever-present homeboy trio (the dependable Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, and Jerry Ferrara) in tow.

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