Debbie Harry often wears her old stage outfits.

The Blondie singer revealed she keeps her a lot of her clothes she has worn for performances over the years and especially loves the Day-Glo creations by designer Stephen Sprouse.

She said: "It's all in a trunk. Some if it's hanging, most of it's lying down. I have all the Stephen Sprouse clothing packed in a box - several boxes actually. Some of that I still wear. It's all such a mish-mash."

Debbie also revealed she allowed a Barbie doll to be made in her likeness only because the "remarkable" Cher had previously had one made.

She told Stylist magazine: "It was a nice offer and besides, Cher has done it. I was shocked at first. I always envisioned Barbie as being very middle of the road, very straight and initially I think that we were considered counter-culture and sort of nasty and to be taken in by the Barbie thing.I mean, times have changed, we've come full circle - now punk is so embraced and accepted by society."