Death Rattle Release Debut Ep 'He&i'

Death Rattle Release Debut Ep 'He&i'

Death Rattle are Helen and Chris Hamilton - an enigmatic, dark electro duo based in London. Their debut EP HE&I is out now via Frontal Noize.

They've already caused a stir with their latest video for EP track, "Fixer", the final part of their visual trilogy, which includes the band's' first two videos for 'The Dig' and 'Do As You Please'.

From start to finish, HE&I sends shivers down your spine. Like a sensual futuristic android, Helen's dark and droning vocal harmonies create a robotic feel to 'The Dig' with Chris's beats akin to a mechanical heart thumping underneath - this is Death Rattle' war cry and signature style. Increasing the tempo, 'Do As You Please' follows perfectly with the band' bold, tribal-esque beats playing a big part once more behind Helen's dark and evocative lyrics. Although the duo keep their signature beats and mesmerising vocals consistent, they present many more layers to unravel as the last three tracks unfold. 'Fixer' is the dark, mutated lovechild of Sleigh Bells and Friendly Fires - beguiling and rebellious with an enticingly memorable chorus. 'Mouse Chorus' slows the pace to a gentle hypnotic canter and their fifth and final track 'Sorry For Your Loss' seems the perfect end to such a mesmerising journey.

Death Rattle's first release HE&I, is a fascinating and daring debut and an exciting glimpse of what's in store as the pair prepare for a UK and European tour later this year and a debut album release in 2013.