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Michael Winner Was Planning Death Wish Musical

Michael Winner Death Wish Don Black

Director Michael Winner was planning to adapt his hit movie Death Wish for the stage before he passed away earlier this year (13), according to Oscar-winning lyricist Don Black.

The filmmaker died at his London home in January (13) after a long battle with liver disease, and his pal Black has now revealed they were plotting a new project before his death.

Black tells Britain's Daily Mail, "We wanted to do a stage show called Death Wish - The Musical. It would have been such fun to write. Glorious bad taste.

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Dinah May To Write About Michael Winner

Death Wish Michael Winner

Actress Dinah May is planning to lift the lid on her long friendship with Death Wish director Michael Winner in a new book.

The moviemaker passed away on 21 January (13) after a battle with liver disease, and his longtime confidante May has now revealed he asked her to write a book about him after his death.

May tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "Michael always said, 'This will be your pension, Dinah. I want you to write everything you know about me after I'm dead. Don't hide anything. I'll be gone, so it's alright. Tell the truth and it will astonish everyone who thought they knew all about me.'"

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Carnahan Confirms His Death Wish

Charles Bronson Death Wish Joe Carnahan

Charles Bronson's classic action movie Death Wish is heading back to the big screen with Joe Carnahan as director.

The A-Team moviemaker has confirmed he has signed on to remake Michael Winner's cult 1974 film.

In a post on, Carnahan reveals the film will revisit Brain Garfield's vigilante novel, but his movie will be set in Los Angeles, not New York.

There are no firm casting details available, but Carnahan has revealed he is writing a role in the film for Frank Grillo, who is among the stars of his latest film The Grey.

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Winner Refuses To Curb Spending

Death Wish Michael Winner

Death Wish director Michael Winner is refusing to curb his lavish spending habits even though he is $13.5 million (£9 million) in debt.

The British moviemaker admits he spends $142,500 (£95,000) on holidays every year, and wracks up massive bills by chartering private jets - because he can't bear to travel on commercial flights.

And although he has been forced to take out a loan to help cover his expenditure, the 74 year old has no plans to cut back on his extravagances.

He tells Piers Morgan's Life Stories, "It costs £1.5 million to be me every year. I'm less rich than I was because I'm £9 million in debt. I have assets but I have borrowed against them.

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Stallone To Channel Bronson In Death Wish Remake

Sylvester Stallone Charles Bronson Death Wish

Sylvester Stallone is set to direct and star in a remake of Charles Bronson's 1974 vigilante classic Death Wish.
Stallone is finalising talks to play a man who vows to clean criminals off the streets after his wife and daughter are attacked in the update, which will be written by Terminator 3: Rise Of The MAChines screenwriters John Brancato and Michael Ferris.
The original Death Wish was directed by Michael Winner and spawned four sequels, each starring Bronson, who passed away in 2003.
Last year (06), Stallone made belated sequel Rocky Balboa and his action follow-up John Rambo is due in cinemas in 2008.
It's not the first time he has tackled a movie classic - his Get Carter remake was a flop in 2000.

Winner's New Lease On Life

Michael Winner Death Wish

British moviemaker Michael Winner is toasting a more positive outlook on life after overcoming his life-threatening illness last year (DEC06).
The 72-year-old Death Wish director beat the deadly bug he caught while holidaying abroad at Christmas, splurging $1.45 million (GBP750,000) on seven life-saving operations in the process.
And despite admitting the pain and price took their toll, Winner is adamant his strong personality pulled him through.
He says, "If you suffer adversity you either shoot yourself - and there were times when I would happily have done that - or you see it through. Since I don't have a gun, that is what I've had to do."

Winner Defeats Rare Killer Disease

Michael Winner Death Wish

LATEST: British film director Michael Winner has narrowly escaped death after beating a rare disease he caught from eating an oyster.
Winner contracted Vibrio vulnificus - a virus that lives in warm water and is transmitted through swimming with open wounds or by eating shellfish - while holidaying in Barbados over Christmas (DEC06).
The bug commonly kills people within 32 hours of infection, but the 72-year-old cheated death by jetting back to a private clinic in London and undergoing a gruelling 10 week series of eleven operations that cost him a staggering $1.45 million (GBP750,000).
The Death Wish director says, "I started shaking uncontrollably. It was obvious to everyone but me I was very ill.
"I lost control of my bodily functions.
"When this illness gets you, every organ in your body collapses.
"You've got to bring every single organ back to life again."

Winner Blasts Amputation Stories

Death Wish Michael Winner

Death Wish director Michael Winner has blasted suggestions he may be forced to have his leg amputated.
The 71 year old British filmmaker is being treated in a London hospital after suffering blistering to his leg while on holiday in Barbados earlier this month (03JAN07).
There were fears he would have to have the limb removed - but Winner has laughed off the claims.
He says, "I have been interested in recent newspaper reports suggesting I had lost, or was about to lose, one leg, two legs, an arm, a head - some people suggesting this went some time ago! - or even a fingernail.
"I am happy to tell you that, when I last looked, all of these items appeared solidly where they have been for many years.
"I am further advised that the chance of any of them leaving my persona are non-existent. So if you see a leg lying around, it is not mine, unless, of course, it is firmly attached to my body."
A hospital spokesperson claims Winner is making good progress.

Bronson's Home Goes Up For Sale

Charles Bronson Death Wish

Late actor Charles Bronson's former home has been placed on the market for $6 million (GBP3.3 million) by his widow KIM.

The luxury house, which sits in California's gated Serra Retreat area, has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a guesthouse, a pool and a spa among its features.

The Bronsons wed in 1998, when the Death Wish tough guy was 77 - 40 years his belle's senior.

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Marlon Brando Loves Michael Winner

Marlon Brando Death Wish

Hollywood legend Marlon Brando has worked alongside some of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived - but says his favourite was Briton MICHAEL WINNER.

The GODFATHER star has worked with legendary directors including FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA, but particularly enjoyed the Death Wish director's style for one specific reason.

He says, "When I met him, Michael said, 'Mr Brando, you are a great actor. I am not a great director, so do whatever you like."

18/08/2003 13:47
Death Wish

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