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Bono Worried About U2'S Legacy

13th September 2011

Bono worries U2 will be remembered as a "very good" band rather than a "great" one. The 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' rockers are unveiling a new documentary, 'From The Sky Down', which focuses...

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U2 Open Toronto Film Festival

9th September 2011

U2 have opened the 36th Toronto Film Festival with a documentary about the release of their 1991 album Achtung Baby.The documentary traces the creation of the Irish band's album which was recorded in Berlin and...

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Guggenheim Turned Down Bieber Movie - Just Don't Tell His Kids

27th January 2011

Oscar-winning moviemaker DAVIS GUGGENHEIM is building up the courage to tell his two young daughters he turned down the chance to direct the new JUSTIN BIEBER movie.The Inconvenient Truth documentarian has revealed he was in...

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Fascinating Fact 10642

13th January 2011

DAVIS GUGGENHEIM's WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, LINXIN FAN's LAST TRAIN HOME, Inside Job by Charles Ferguson, Alex Gibney's Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer and Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger's Restrepo will compete...

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Fascinating Fact 8716

22nd January 2010

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH director DAVIS GUGGENHEIM is the toast of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah - his new documentary Waiting For Superman has become the first independent film picked up at this year's (10)...

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Fascinating Fact 7779

5th August 2009

THE WHITE STRIPES rocker JACK WHITE is releasing a solo song later this month (Aug09). White wrote and recorded Fly Farm Blues during the filming of DAVIS GUGGENHEIM's upcoming music documentary IT MIGHT GET LOUD.

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Fascinating Fact 5730

2nd August 2008

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH director DAVIS GUGGENHEIM has directed a new movie about the world's best guitar players. IT MIGHT GET LOUD features JIMMY PAGE, THE EDGE and the WHITE STRIPES' JACK WHITE....

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Guggenheim And Shue Clash On Set

29th May 2007

Movie-maker DAVIS GUGGENHEIM is reluctant to work with wife ELISABETH SHUE again after a bitter-sweet experience on the set of new movie GRACIE. The Academy-award winning producer says he enjoyed working with his wife on...

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Mulroney Joins Shues For Family Movie

30th August 2006

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING star DERMOT MULRONEY will join brother and sister team ELISABETH and ANDREW SHUE for a big screen sports drama loosely based on events within the Shue family. GRACIE is set in...

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Al Gore Documentary Receives Special Award

22nd June 2006

The AL GORE environmental documentary AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH will receive a rare award from the Humanitas Prize for helping to "liberate, enrich and unify society". The former US Presidential candidate's quest to draw attention to...

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Shue's A Mother Again

20th June 2006

Actress ELISABETH SHUE has become a third-time mum after giving birth to a baby girl on Sunday (18JUN06). Little AGNES CHARLES GUGGENHEIM was a Father's Day gift for film-maker DAVIS GUGGENHEIM. The couple already has...

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Shue Pulls Out Of Film Due To Baby News

16th January 2006

LEAVING LAS VEGAS star ELISABETH SHUE has reportedly dropped out of her latest film after falling pregnant with her third child. The actress was set to star in JOEL SCHUMACHER's NUMBER 23, but baby...

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Shue Holds On To Leaving Las Vegas Outfits

28th January 2005

Actress ELISABETH SHUE loves her outfits from the 1995 movie LEAVING LAS VEGAS so much, she still parades around the house in them. The 41-year-old screen beauty has kept all of her slutty clothes...

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