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War Gods Of The Deep Review

Musta been running out of Edgar Allen Poe material to adapt into screenplays... and War Gods of the Deep stands as probably the least amusing film to come from his collected works.The story is something or other about an underwater city populated by smugglers that never age (huh?) and the humans who get trapped there, spending most of the film asking their fellow prisoners if they remember the way in. Wholly unmemorable.

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The Love Bug Review

Very Good
"Absurd" is a word that comes up in dialogue during the running time of The Love Bug.

And there's bo better way to describe this story, which features a VW Beetle named Herbie that takes it on itself to hook up a race car driver (Dean Jones) and an auto salesroom employee (Michele Lee). How? He can drive himself, ensure doors remain locked when our would-be lovebirds are inside. He's also got incredible power beyond his modest means: Jones even decides to race Herbie, winning every race he enters.

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Mary Poppins Review

Parents, you have a responsibility. Your kids should not know Julie Andrews just from the two Princess Diaries movies. Luckily, you have an opportunity since Mary Poppins, the movie that landed Andrews an Oscar and made her a star 40 years ago, has just been released on DVD for its 40th anniversary.

Andrews is just perfect in the title role, a mystical nanny who literally falls from the London sky and into the lives of two lonely children in 1910. The kids desperately need some kind of attention. Their father (David Tomlinson) is a workaholic, brown-nosing banker, who treats his kids as two obstacles in keeping an orderly home. Mom (Glynis Johns) is no better, a dingbat who prefers supporting social causes to spending time with her kids. Funny how little things have changed, huh?

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