What Remains concluded its first season with more murders and melodrama as the slow burning crime drama came to an end in what was an exciting, albeit a little haphazard, finale. Still, at least we got answers from the show as the killer was unmasked and the show came to a climatic, crazed end as Detective Len Harper (David Threlfall) finally got to the bottom of the mysterious attic flat. The rest of this article (obviously) contains spoilers. Alternatively you can check out the episode on the iPlayer.

David Threlfall
David Threlfall gave a brillaint performance all season

Writer Tony Basgallop and director Coky Giedroyc should be commended first and formost for keeping the list of suspects so open until the final episode of the show, but boy did the lid get blown off in the final half of the hour-long episode. Things kicked off with a usual dark, brooding start; the residents of No. 8 Coulthard Street slowly but surely had their front doors booted wide open and their secrets came falling out, but not in a fashion that many of us would have expected. Indeed the body-count rose even higher.

The most obvious suspects of the series were the first to meet their demise, with David Bamber's Joe feeling the full consequences of filing and uncalled for - and probably untrue - murder confession. The blame then was pushed on to the mysterious, basement-dwelling Liz (Denise Gough), whose own murderous intentions were laid bare in last night's episode. But despite her shady, blood-soaked past it wasn't her who did the deed either. We came to understand the relationship between Joe and Liz a little further in the episode, learning that the maths teacher took her in and sheltered her in an overbearing manner after she killed her father. We also learned that both of them knew that there was a body in the flat, it's just they both assumed that it was the other one who placed Melissa's body in the attic.

David Bamber in What Remains
David Bamber also gave a brilliant performance in the show

The remaining relationship from across the flat were laid bare as Len closed in on his target, as the dominating relationship between Elaine and Peggy was delved into. But after finishing her overbearing lover in the bathtub, was it Peggy who committed the murder two years ago, or was it someone else? Elsewhere, Michael is still trapped by his childhood resentment of Mr Sellers, and Kieron remains trapped by the bottle of booze he keeps handy at all times. As for the real killer, well we wouldn't want to ruin that for you, so you'll have to check out the episode and find out for yourself.

Come next years BAFTAs, the show should be a shoe-in for a nomination or two, and if not that this will be a real shame given the superb acting talents on display and the gritty, gripping performance from Basgallop and Giedroyc behind-the-scenes. Watch the full episode here.