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Suzanne Somers Day Las Vegas

David Siegel, Suzanne Somers, Steve Sisolak, Alan Hamel and Mark Waltrip - Suzanne Somers honored with proclamation declaring Thursday June 18 as "Suzanne Sizzles Day" held at Suzanne's at Westgate Las Vegas Resort - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Thursday 18th June 2015

David Siegel, Suzanne Somers, Steve Sisolak, Alan Hamel and Mark Waltrip

Suzanne Sizzles Grand Opening

Jackie Siegel and David Siegel - 'Suzanne Sizzles' Grand Opening at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino at Westgate - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Saturday 23rd May 2015

Clint Holmes, Kelly Clinton and David Siegel
Jackie Siegel and David Siegel

The Queen of Versailles Review

Documentaries are rarely as hilarious as this one. Well, the first half of it at least, as filmmaker Greenfield proves to have a wonderful eye for absurdity as she explores the life of the ludicrously wealthy Siegel family. But as the cameras roll, things begin to shift into something much darker. The absurdity is still there, but now it is tinged with bitter irony as harsh economic reality comes crashing down around them.

The queen of the title is Jackie Siegel, third wife of time-share mogul David, and her Versailles is under construction in Orlando, designed to be the largest family home in America. These people are so rich that their current 30-bedroom mansion feels cramped. Well, Jackie has given birth to seven of David's children! And she runs the household with a mixture of lively intelligence (she has a computer engineering degree), surgically altered physicality (she's a former Miss America) and of course a large staff. Their new house will have 90 rooms, including 10 kitchens and 30 bathrooms, and everything is on track until the 2008 financial crisis hits David's business.

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Lush Review

Never mind the spooky box cover image and creepy tagline, Lush is hardly the gothic melodrama its promotion tries to sell. And that's probably for the better, because as a dark thriller this movie isn't going to win many fans.

The story follows a washed-up golfer (Campbell Scott), fresh out of prison, who returns to his home town of New Orleans to get a fresh start. Soon enough he's wrapped up with a wealthy-yet-drunk lawyer (Jared Harris), who takes him from one socialite party to the next. But then the lawyer turns up missing, and most people suspect our ex-con hero has done away with him.

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Suture Review

The sleeper of the early 1990s, Suture is one of those stylish thrillers that you never forget. Shot in black and white, it tells the relatively simple story of a pair of long-lost brothers, one of whom tries to kill the other in order to escape his past and steal the brother's identity. Everyone comments on how alike they look -- the conceit being that the two actors are as opposite in appearance as possible -- one is black and largish (Haysbert), one is white and thin. Stunning photography and a very clever script make Suture the best movie you've never seen. Highly recommended.

The Deep End Review

Welcome to beautiful Lake Tahoe, where a boy can still get his mom to cover up a murder and be home in time for supper.

A heavy drama, The Deep End is just such a tale. When teenaged Beau (Jonathan Tucker) gets mixed up with a seedy, older man (he's secretly gay), their relationship gets a bit too intense and the lech ends up dead. Imagine her surprise when mom Margaret (Tilda Swinton) stumbles upon a corpse on her idyllic beach! Of course, she does what any mother of an aspiring musical virtuoso would do -- sinks the body in the lake, hides the guy's car, and pretends nothing has happened.

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David Siegel

David Siegel Quick Links

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