He’ll always be there for you. David Schwimmer morphed into Ross Geller, then into Science Boy to help out the NYPD as they tried to get to the bottom of a stabbing.

David SchwimmerSchwimmer made sure the cops had a pretty good idea what happened that night

So he didn’t morph into anyone, but Schwimmer did invite the police into his apartment so they could peruse security camera footage of the assault, which they subsequently left with and my use in court. Robert Rainey of Newark was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and robbery, sources told The New York Post. A 26-year-old was taken to Bellevue Hospital with stab wounds to the face.

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“Four years ago, I would say David Schwimmer was the least popular guy on the block with the construction and all,” said resident Jayson Fillermutter, 31 to the Post. “But he has turned out to be a decent neighbor, and I am glad to hear he helped the cops with that stabbing.”

The “construction” Fillermutter talks of is the work done by Schwimmer on his East Village townhouse. After spending $4m on it in 2010, the Friends star angered locals by tearing it down and building himself a brand new one, causing lots of noise in the process. But with his recent actions, he’s Schwimming in praise from his neighbors. 

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But if all this talk about Schwimmer and his ‘hero’ antics has got you pining for some more Friends action, you better dig out the boxset because there’s no way they’re getting back together for a reunion. “It’s not gonna happen,” Cox told the soon to be retiring David Letterman on Late Show. "Only because once you say I like it, they contact every other cast member and say, 'Well Courteney's into it'. It's not going to happen."