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Almost Heroes Review

Farley and Perry, as powerful a comedic force as, say, Nixon and Hawking. Farley's final movie before he died, and pretty representative of his work on the whole.

The Killing Club Review

Somewhat clever yet pretty damn obvious, The Killing Club is about as dead-on a title as they get. The film stars Ed hottie Julie Bowen and porn legend Traci Lords as buddies who accidentally murder Julie's boyfriend and decide, hey, why not murder "the bad guys" for the betterment of humanity?

Cute, but derivative, though the leads seem to be having plenty of fun (and the guys they off are such total pricks it's hard not to laugh). Ultimately this is a trifle worth a peek, but I lost interest when the girls started to plan to murder a fat, necrophiliac coroner. The ending is pretty darn stupid, too, with Lords' character being left behind at a factory while Bowen escapes in her car... as if Traci doesn't know how to get a ride and hunt down that skinny bitch!

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V Review

Very Good
Independence Day ripped off the far superior 1983 TV miniseries, V, correctly assuming that the public has only a short-term memory. The pervasive image of flying saucers hovering over every major metropolitan city in the world is undeniably creepy, especially when the visitors are not our friends. V's mice-munching lizards, disguised in human form as soap opera-friendly actors in bright red Nazi uniforms, wore false smiles and were much scarier than any computer generated menace proposed by ID:4.

What we're quick to forget is that TV movies from the early 80s were actually pretty frightening, what with Ronald Reagan threatening to bomb the Russkies and all. The Day After caused many a sleepless night as Jason Robards marched through a nuclear nightmare. While the good guys ultimately score a point for justice at the end of V, much of the film is devoted to the insidious alien plot to corral humans into concentration camps for food. Yum, yum, yum. A few supporting characters get picked off in the first hour or two when they try to prove that "the truth is out there." We're gonna snatch you, and then we're gonna eat you!

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