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South Bank Sky Arts Awards

David Nicholls and Hanna Nicholls - the South Bank Sky Arts Awards at the Savoy Hotel London 7th June 2015 at Savoy Hotel, South Bank - LONDON, United Kingdom - Monday 8th June 2015

David Nicholls and Hanna Nicholls
David Nicholls and Hanna Nicholl
David Nicholls and Hanna Nicholl

South Bank Sky Arts Awards

David Nicholls and Guest - South Bank Sky Arts Awards held at the Savoy, arrivals. at South Bank - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 7th June 2015

David Nicholls and Guest

Far From The Madding Crowd Review


This new take on the Thomas Hardy classic vividly captures the story's modern themes through complex performances from a sharp cast. Hardy's story is twisty and surprising, a romance that certainly doesn't take the usual route to a happy ending. But even as it travels to some very dark places, we never give up hope that things will turn out right in the end. And the nuanced acting and filmmaking make it a fascinating, involving journey.

The story opens in the 1870s Dorset countryside, where Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan) has gone to stay with her aunt. She can't help but notice the hunky farmer Gabriel Oak (Matthias Shoenaerts) next door, and he notices her too, proposing marriage. But she wants to live an independent life, so she turns him down. Some time later in another place they meet by chance, after she has inherited a farm that he helps save from a fire. She hires him to manage the farm, but he now has a love rival in the form of wealthy older neighbour William Boldwood (Michael Sheen). Then swashbuckling young soldier Francis Troy (Tom Sturridge) turns up, catching Bathsheba's eye. With three suitors to choose from, she still refuses to let a man define her. But she also knows that she can't hold out forever.

Yes, these are essentially the three types of man: good, safe and sexy. So Bathsheba's decision won't be easy. Or at least it shouldn't be. The problem here is that Schoenaerts has such a stunning, beefy on screen presence that the choice is a no-brainer (frankly, he's even more beautiful than the women in the film). This actually makes us yell at the screen as we watch Bathsheba give in to the swaggering Sturridge's far more outrageous flirtation. And the soulful Sheen's presence inspires a wave of sympathy. In other words, we get sucked straight into the melodrama, which plays out with Hardy's usual collections of coincidences, as fate seems to conspire to push people one way or another.

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Far From The Madding Crowd - UK Film Premiere

David Nicholls - Far From the Madding Crowd - UK film premiere held at the BFI Southbank, Arrivals. - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 15th April 2015

David Nicholls
David Nicholls
David Nicholls

Specsavers National Book Awards 2014

Viv Albertine, David Nicholls and Caitlin Moran - Shots from the 2014 Specsavers National Book Awards as a variety of stars arrived at the event which was held in London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 26th November 2014

Viv Albertine, David Nicholls and Caitlin Moran
Viv Albertine, David Nicholls and Caitlin Moran

Emma Thompson To Write Third Bridget Jones

Emma Thompson Helen Fielding David Nicholls Renee Zellweger Colin Firth

Emma Thompson is writing 'Bridget Jones' Baby'.

The 'Saving Mr Banks' star has been called in to re-write the screenplay following complaints from the movies' stars, who revealed they were unhappy with the planned script for the movie adaptation of Helen Fielding's latest novel, 'Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy'.

Emma, 55, is thought to have begun improving Helen's script - who had penned the first draft with 'One Day' author David Nicholls.

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Celebrities Arrive For The Saturday Night Show

David Nicholls - Celebrities arrive for The Saturday Night Show - Dublin, Ireland - Sunday 12th October 2014

Crowdfunded Novel Makes The Man Booker Longlist For The First Time

David Nicholls

Like Netflix’s influence on the recognition of brilliance within TV at award ceremonies, crowdfunding is finding its way into the highest pantheon of literary circles: The Man Booker Prize.

The WakePaul Kingsnorth's 'The Wake' is nominated for the Man Booker Prize

Paul Kingsnorth's 'The Wake' is the first directly crowdfunded novel to be nominated for the prestigious Man Booker Prize long list. The book is set in 11th-century Lincolnshire and told in a semi-invented Old English language and follows a band of English resistance fighters battling the invaders in the decade following the Norman Conquest.

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Great Expectations Review


Even though Charles Dickens' oft-told story is livened up with a terrific cast and sharp script, it's difficult to see anything terribly new about this BBC-produced version. Especially since it comes less than a year after their previous lavish TV production. But there are plenty of elements in this film that make it worth seeing, as the soap-style plot twists and turns through comedy and romance to its action-thriller climax.

After growing up as an orphan with his blacksmith uncle (Flemyng) and high-strung aunt (Hawkins), Pip (Irvine) is given the chance to live as a London gentleman. He's sure that his anonymous benefactor is the barmy Miss Havisham (Bonham Carter), a broken-hearted hermit he worked for as a child. And since he's still in love with her adopted daughter Estella (Grainger), he decides to use his new position in society to court her. But things don't quite go as expected, and his life takes a surprising turn when scary prison escapee Magwitch (Fiennes) latches onto Pip and begins revealing some surprising connections between all of these people.

This faithful retelling of Dickens' novel is packed with coincidences and revelations, as well as the kind of gleefully thorny rivalries that would be expected on Dallas or Downton Abbey. Overloaded with blackly comical intrigue, it's a compulsively enjoyable film that entertains us on a variety of levels as the story develops. Although director Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) never tries anything too flashy. Which means that despite the high quality, the film is straightforward and perhaps unnecessary.

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Anne Hathaway And Jim Bonded Over Cards

Anne Hathaway David Nicholls Friendship Jim Sturgess

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess bonded over card games while shooting 'One Day'.

The two stars play lead characters Emma and Dexter in the Lone Scherfig-directed adaptation of David Nicholls' book, and to create the chemistry their roles required they spent a lot of time together on set playing games and listening to music to get to know each other.

Jim told BANG Showbiz: "The chemistry is sort of in the words and in the screenplay. Dexter and Emma have great chemistry so we just kind of act that! We were lucky me and Anne got on so well. We were really blessed to develop a Friendship of our own when we went through the filming experience. But we never really talked about it, like, 'How are we going to get this chemistry?'

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One Day Review

Following a relationship on one day a year over more than 20 years is an interesting idea, and this film features a solid cast and some genuinely moving situations. But it's ultimately too slushy and dreamy to really resonate.

On St Swithin's Day, 15th July, in 1988, Emma (Hathaway) meets Dexter (Sturgess). Both are university students in Edinburgh, and there's a clear spark between them, but circumstances prevent them from becoming a couple. The years pass. Dexter moves from being an annoying TV host to a chef and has a daughter with Sylvie (Garai). Meanwhile, Emma has a career as a teacher and maintains an unsatisfying relationship with Ian (Spall). And they keep running into each other along the way, wondering what might have happened - and may yet happen - if they got together.

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Jim Sturgess 'Giggled' In Love Scenes

Jim Sturgess Anne Hathaway David Nicholls Jodie Whittaker La Roux Peaches Geldof Pink Romola Garai

Jim Sturgess "giggled" through his love scenes with Anne Hathaway in 'One Day'.

The British actor - who plays Dexter in the highly-anticipated adaptation of the David Nicholls' novel - did not mind getting on with intimate scenes with Oscar-nominated Anne because the pair were close friends.

Speaking at the European premiere of 'One Day' at London's Vue Westfield last night (23.08.11), Jim told BANG Showbiz: "We were alright. We giggled through it. Actually the first scene in the film, which they were kind enough to give us that, was the first time we meet.

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Anne Hathaway Enjoyed One Day Pub Visits

Anne Hathaway David Nicholls Friendship Jim Sturgess

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess spent a lot of time in the pub while shooting 'One Day'.

The pair star as lead characters Emma and Dexter in the adaptation of David Nicholls' romantic drama novel, and while recording in the UK the pair enjoyed getting to know each other by watching the soccer World Cup - which was happening at the time - and going on pub crawls.

Jim said: "I got to know Anne very well, yeah. We just sort of hung out. When you are making a film you spend so much time together. Our Friendship developed over the course of the film.

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Anne Hathaway Wears A Wig For New Movie?

Anne Hathaway Carey Mulligan Jim Sturgess David Nicholls James McAvoy Shia LaBeouf

Anne Hathaway, the 27-year-old actress and star of 'Alice in Wonderland' appears to have chopped off her hair in favour of a new cropped look, echoing the style of Carey Mulligan. However, doubts have been cast as to whether the new style is genuine; with Grazia Daily reporting that it's simply a wig. Hathaway was spotted in Paris - where she is filming new movie 'One Day' - with the boyish new cut, reports the Huffington Post.

'One Day' is a romantic comedy set for 2011 in which Hathaway plays 'Emma', who meets 'Dexter' played by Jim Sturgess during their graduation in 1988 - the pair then reunite with each other one day a year, for the next 20 years. The film is based on the acclaimed novel by David Nicholls.

Hathaway was recently voted second on Forbes' list of 'Best Actors for the Buck', which reveals the Hollywood stars that make the most money for studios. The actress ousted last year's runner-up James McAvoy after it was disclosed that she makes studios 64 dollars, for every dollar she makes herself. Shia LaBeouf placed first on the list, reportedly making 81 dollars profit for every dollar he is paid.

Simpatico Review

I love a good thriller. And no one makes good thrillers any more. Enter Simpatico, with a cast boasting both Nick Nolte and Jeff Bridges, not to mention Albert Finney and Sharon Stone -- all set among the intrigue of a scandal involving horse racing, blackmail, and steamy sex. How could this miss?

By being as straightforward as, well, a horse race. It's just a big loop from start to finish. No real surprises along the way, just jockeying for position. Simpatico finishes right where it started, with a time of 106 minutes.

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