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I Saw The Light - In The Studio Clip

Hank Williams was one of the most iconic country stars America has ever seen, moving crowds to their feet (and often to tears) with such hits as 'Lovesick Blues', 'Hey Good Lookin'' and 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry'. But away from the mic stand, his life was often in turmoil. Plagued by crippling chronic back pain from his spina bifida occulta, he found himself repeatedly drawn to alcohol which made figures in the music industry refuse to work with him, and later other substances including painkillers and morphine prescribed by a fraudulent doctor. If that wasn't bad enough, his love life was hardly blissful either; both his marriages were marred by legal misfortunes and can only be described as tumultuous and unstable. By his 20s he had developed heart problems, which ultimately led to the saddening and untimely demise of one of country music's most unforgettable legends.

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Hail, Caesar! Trailer

Eddie Mannix is a fixer who works in Hollywood where he tames celebrities and keeps theirs, and movie studios', secrets out of the press - no matter how big the story. It's not the easiest job in the world, and it's certainly not always the most morally fulfilling, but it's about to get a whole lot harder when one studio, Capitol Pictures, presents him with a major problem the likes of which could be career destroying. They're working on a huge production epic entitled 'Hail, Caesar!' starring Hollywood sensation Baird Whitlock, but things go particularly awry when he is kidnapped and held for ransom by a mysterious group known only as The Future. They want $100,000, and after 24 hours, the studio aren't looking any more hopeful. Mannix enlists a feisty and beautiful female star to procure the money, while Whitlook finds himself in a most unusual situation.

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Gersh Upfronts Party 2015 Arrivals

David Krumholtz - Gersh Upfronts Party 2015 held at Asellina Ristorante - Arrivals. at Asellina Ristorante, - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 12th May 2015

David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz

New York Premiere Of 'Outlander'

David Krumholtz - A variety of stars were snapped as they took to the red carpet for the Mid-season premiere of 'Outlander' which was held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, United States - Wednesday 1st April 2015

David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz

World Film Premiere Of 'Chappie'

Rich and Kathy Walkile - A variety of stars were photographed as they took to the red carpet World film premiere of 'Chappie' which was held at AMC Loews in Lincoln Square, New York City, New York, United States - Wednesday 4th March 2015

Rich and Kathy Walkile

The Judge - Trailer

Hank Palmer is a ruthless but excellent lawyer, despised by many of his peers for his habit of representing often blatantly guilty criminals. One day mid-trial however, he receives a call from home informing him of his mother's recent death. Reluctantly, he ventures back to the town of Carlinville, Indiana where he grew up to convene with his family ahead of the funeral. As he expected, the greeting between himself and his father - the local Judge Joseph Palmer - is particularly frosty. As a young college graduate, Hank was desperate to leave the harsh and unfriendly grasp of his father but when the town's sheriff tells him that Joseph is now a murder suspect, he begins to feel a grudging obligation to cast their differences aside and help him protest his innocence.

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Los Angeles Premiere Of 'The To Do List'

David Krumholtz - Los Angeles premiere of 'The To Do List' at Regency Bruin Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 23rd July 2013

David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz

Premiere Of This Is The End

David Krumholtz - Los Angeles premiere of 'This Is The End' held at the Regency Village Theatre - Westwood, California, United States - Tuesday 4th June 2013

David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz

This Is The End Trailer

When actor James Franco threw a party for his fellow movie stars including the star-studded cast of 'Knocked Up' and several stars of Seth Rogen's comedies including Seth himself, Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, no-one expected it to be anything more than your average drink fuelled Hollywood superparty. However, things take a turn for the worst when they experience a major earthquake; the ground opens up to the hottest depths of the Earth's core swallowing up Rihanna and Jason Segal as mysterious beasts start swarming around outside. What's a comedy cast to do with limited food and no real skills of the like they portray in the movies - especially when golden girl Emma Watson bursts in on them wielding an axe demanding all their resources. This is Hollywood versus the apocalypse, but who would really win?

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CBS Cancels New Show Partners

Michael Urie David Krumholtz

After less than two months on air, CBS' Partners has been cancelled, The Wrap reported.

The show, which premiered on September 24, starred Michael Urie and David Krumholtz as the titular 'partners' who shared a rather intimate 'bromance' together.

The show never quite managed to reach its predicted audience numbers, with the last episode to be aired only managing a meagre 1.8 rating Nielsen rating in the key 18-49 demographic - down 14 percent from the previous week and its poorest audience turn-out to date. Despite being continually supported by CBS, the continued poor viewing figures proved to be the downfall of the show, which ultimately served as chief underachiever in the network's Monday night comedy lineup that includes 2 Broke Girls, How Met Your Mother and Mike & Molly.

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A Very Harold & Kumar 3d Christmas Review

A warm, squishy centre makes this smutty comedy surprisingly endearing as it bounces from one random set piece to another, by way of a series of outrageous cameos. The sex, drugs and violence get a bit tiring, but the amusing writing and acting keep us laughing.

While stoner Kumar (Penn) is failing to cope with the chaos of his life, now-respectable banker Harold (Cho) is dreading Christmas with his wife's (Garces) extended family, including his terrifying father-in-law Perez (Trejo).

When Kumar drops off a mis-delivered package at Harold's house, their first meeting in six years causes instant chaos. Now they have to team up to replace Perez's prized Christmas tree. This involves scary encounters with a Scarface-style mobster (Koteas), mean-acting tree sellers (RZA and Da'Vone McDonald) and the real Santa (Richard Riehle).

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A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer

It's been six years since best friends Harold Lee and Kumar Patel escaped from Guantanamo Bay. In that time, Harold has a high paying job and is concentrating on starting a family with his wife Maria, while Kumar has dropped out of medical school due to a failed drugs test and been dumped Vanessa, all while still living in the same apartment.

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Mr. Popper's Penguins Review

Yes, this movie is just as silly as it looks, with Jim Carrey pratfalling all over the screen alongside a bunch of adorable (sometimes animated) critters.

Fortunately, it's also rather good fun.

Tom Popper (Carrey) is a high-powered Manhattan developer trying to earn a partnership in his firm by buying the iconic Tavern on the Green from its elderly owner (Lansbury). Like his intrepid explorer dad, he barely keeps up with his kids (Carroll and Cotton) from his marriage to Amanda (Gugino), whom he clearly still cares for. Then his father dies and leaves him six mischievous penguins, and all of Tom's careful plans fall apart. First, the birds make a mess of his immaculately minimalist bachelor pad, then they teach him Important Life Lessons.

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Looking For Kitty Review

In the director's notes included with the DVD of Looking for Kitty, Edward Burns remarks about how easy it is to shoot a film on a low budget, using digital video, existing locations, and the like. You don't even need to write a script!

Well just because you can do these things doesn't mean you should, and sure enough Looking for Kitty is the type of movie that rank amateurs usually turn in, an undercooked affair that doesn't offer any emotional response and which could have used a whole lot of vetting from people who weren't attached to a singular idea. It's nowhere near Burns' best work. I dare use a word I try to avoid in film criticism: It's just boring.

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Bobby Review

Filmmakers go overboard all the time, but none more than Oliver Stone. When Stone released JFK in 1991, it was obvious that he was pulling from a biased idealism, but he wasn't necessarily fibbing either. The cumulative effect of Stone's film was investigative fervor; even if you didn't believe the bulk of what was being given, you had to be shocked by a few of his points. The film was about looking back, but it was also about the hushed panic of the Kennedy assassination and the rest of the '60s. So, maybe going overboard was important to what Stone was after.

You won't find any sort of rabblerousing or sense of time in Emilio Estevez's Bobby, his account of the people that were in attendance when Robert F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel. Estevez tosses together close to two dozen major characters and storylines along with footage of RFK campaigning against racism, America's poverty, and unlawful McCarthy tactics. The stories run the gamut from a young couple (Elijah Wood and Lindsay Lohan) getting hitched to keep the groom out of the war to an alcoholic diva (Demi Moore) and her forgotten husband (Estevez himself) to a philandering hotel manager (William H. Macy) who must keep his affair with a switchboard operator (Heather Graham) from his wife (Sharon Stone) and from an infuriated ex-employee (Christian Slater). There's also a pack of poll campaigners (Nick Cannon, Joshua Jackson, Shia Labeouf, and Brian Geraghty) who must deal with an acid freak out facilitated by a hippie (Ashton Kutcher), a pushy Czech journalist (Svetlana Metkina), and a flirty waitress at the hotel restaurant (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Sounds like the makings of an ensemble comedy, no?

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