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Hot Pursuit Trailer

US intelligence services have been following the exploits of a Mexican drug Cartel lieutenant for a long time. They also happen to have uncovered a woman who is willing to testify against him (Sofía Vergara). A Texas police officer (Reese Witherspoon) is sent to collect the woman and bring her in. This is where problems begin to arise, however, as the Cartels are notorious for their violence and brutality, leading to the two women being forced to make their way back to the police station with trained killers at their backs.

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The Best Of Me - Official UK Trailer

Dawson and Amanda are living the life of the typical movie love story - they spend their time enjoying long summer days and nights together, until events conspire to break them apart. Dawson is arrested and goes to jail, leaving Amanda to live out her life without him. After being called to the funeral of an old friend, the couple meet each other for the first time in twenty one years. The couple begin to ponder the idea of letting go and moving on from your first true love, as they are dragged together into a relationship which also pits them against the same forces that drove them apart in the first place. The romantic drama spans decades, showing that some loves can truly last a lifetime. 

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The Best Of Me Trailer

Dawson Cole is a high school student who, unlike his peers, prefers his own company rather than anybody else's. He doesn't have girlfriends, and he has very few friends altogether, but when he meets the very pretty Amanda Collier, he finds himself longing to be around her. The pair embark on a passionate, uninhibited romance, but when Amanda's wealthy father finds out about the sort of boy she's been fraternising with, he's determined to end it. Wanting what's best for Amanda despite his breaking heart, Dawson leaves town only to meet his teenage sweetheart again 20 years later. The pair find themselves falling in love all over again, only they are much older now and life is much more complicated. Has their childhood passion withstood the test of time? Or will they have to part ways for good?

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Barefoot Trailer

Jay's lived a less than honest life, sleeping around with women he could never care about, fritting away money he doesn't have in casinos and at races and drinking away his problems every night at seedy bars. However, when he meets Daisy, a mentally unstable but harmless young girl who has lived virtually her whole life indoors sheltered from the harms the real world can bring, his life begins to change and he endeavours to take her along to his wealthy parents' house on the weekend of his brother's wedding to prove to them that he can change his ways. Having never tasted a drop of alcohol in her life, kissed a boy, gone to school or owned a pair of shoes, Daisy also sees her life turn into an adventure as she seemingly becomes the only one who can change this man's stony heart and force him to love her.

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The Butler - Clips

Cecil Gaines is a modest and dedicated butler at the White House who manages to make for himself a respectable career despite his underprivileged upbringing and cotton farm roots. Starting out as a regular kitchen worker, Cecil soon proves himself to be extremely proficient and works his way up to be the head butler for eight different US presidents. Some of them prove to be discriminatory, treating Cecil with little respect and holding massively differing views to him, but he always remains polite and does everything within his power to care for his employers while keeping any top secret information that he might hear firmly to himself. Meanwhile, he struggles at home with his son; a Black Panther with aggressive views on racial equality who is less than grateful to have a father working for the people that he believes are causing racial oppression. 

This story of loyalty and unconditional dedication is based on the true story of Eugene Allen; a butler who similarly lived through years of racial inequality before finally seeing, in his retirement, the election of the first black President, Barack Obama. His story was documented in the article 'A Butler Well Served by This Election' written by Wil Haygood. 'The Butler' has been directed by Lee Daniels ('The Paperboy', 'Precious', 'Shadowboxer') and co-written by Danny Strong ('Game Change', 'Recount') and will be released in the US on August 16th 2013.

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The Last Exorcism Part II Review


When you qualify your movie as the "last" anything, a sequel seems a bit out of the question, but these new filmmakers have essentially relegated the 2010 original to a mere backstory. They have moved on from the video-cam format and the whole debunking premise to make a much more straightforward horror romp. And while it's packed with cliches, it heads full-speed into a final act that's jaw-droppingly bonkers enough to make this a guilty pleasure.

After the carnage of that farmhouse exorcism, Nell (Bell) is the only survivor. She's taken to a New Orleans halfway house with other battered women, who begin to teach her how to live her life after growing up in isolation. She still has a sense of her religious roots, but learns to enjoy pop music and even starts flirting with a cute handyman (Clark). Even though she wants to believe that her demon-possession wasn't real, it becomes apparent that maybe that previous exorcism didn't quite take. "A piece of him is still inside you," says an occult expert (Jensen), completely without irony. Indeed the demon is back with a vengeance, and he has something awful in mind.

Filmmaker Gass-Donnelly keeps the atmosphere tense, throwing in elements from every horror film in recent memory, including creepy masked figures, staticky broadcasts, insidious phone calls, buzzing houseflies and even a sassy psychic (Riggs). The soundtrack is full of creep-out noises, while the images are intercut with flickers of the previous film. But all of this is done in that bland Hollywood style that makes us jump without actually freaking us out. Thankfully, the film has Bell on board to deliver a performance much better than the movie deserves: she's genuinely unsettling as the tormented innocent.

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The Butler Trailer

Cecil Gains is a devoted White House butler who grew up on a simple cotton farm where he and other black workers were not treated with any respect by their white counterparts. From a simple kitchen worker, he rises to be top butler to eight different presidents over the course of more than 30 years. Sworn to secrecy over the goings on at the White House, he serves the likes of Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Lyndon B. Johnson with all the care that he has in spite of their differing policies and the suppression of his race across the country. He rejects his freedom fighter son's distaste at Cecil's job and never once wavers in his respect for his government. He merely stands back, silver platter in hand and watches the progression of racial equality until the day the country's first black president is finally inaugurated.  

This is a story about loyalty and commitment based on the article by Wil Haygood, 'A Butler Well Served by This Election', about Eugene Allen; a real butler who showed his devotion to his job over the course of three decades while he and his fellow black civilians went from being the underdogs to top dog as he lives to see the election of President Barack Obama. It has been directed by Lee Daniels ('The Paperboy', 'Precious', 'Shadowboxer') and co-written by Danny Strong ('Game Change', 'Recount'), and has an incredible all-star ensemble cast. 'The Butler' is set to his theatres in the US on August 16th 2013.

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This Is The End Trailer

When actor James Franco threw a party for his fellow movie stars including the star-studded cast of 'Knocked Up' and several stars of Seth Rogen's comedies including Seth himself, Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, no-one expected it to be anything more than your average drink fuelled Hollywood superparty. However, things take a turn for the worst when they experience a major earthquake; the ground opens up to the hottest depths of the Earth's core swallowing up Rihanna and Jason Segal as mysterious beasts start swarming around outside. What's a comedy cast to do with limited food and no real skills of the like they portray in the movies - especially when golden girl Emma Watson bursts in on them wielding an axe demanding all their resources. This is Hollywood versus the apocalypse, but who would really win?

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The Last Exorcism Part II Trailer

After the last members of her family die in a horrific satanic ritual, Nell Sweetzer is found frightened wandering around Louisiana. Once she is found, she is encouraged to start afresh in New Orleans but wherever she goes, she can't seem to get the memory of her demonic possession out of her life and it is uncovered that her last exorcism was not, in fact, her last at all as the demon Alabam has returned to her body with plans of an ever more destructive and grisly nature. Will her next exorcism succeed in banishing the wrath of the creature taking over her, or will she be doomed to live with him inside her forever more?

This chilling supernatural horror has been directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly ('Small Town Murder Songs' 'This Beautiful City') who co-wrote the screenplay with Damien Chazelle ('Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench'). It follows on from the previous 'The Last Exorcism' film directed by Daniel Stamm whereby a minister who has lost his faith is called to exorcise Nell at her home where she lived with her father and brother. Looking to be just as disturbing as number one, 'The Last Exorcism Part II' is set to hit screens on March 15th 2013.

Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly

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Looper Trailer

Joe Simmons is a looper from Kansas City in 2042; a hitman hired to assassinate victims sent to him by a gang of mobsters from thirty years into the future through the outlawed method of time travel. The only rule put to him is that the targets must not escape. One day, on his regular duties, a new victim shows up who happens to be without the customary sack over his head. When he looks up, Joe recognises the man as an older version of himself and his sudden shock gives his future self the opportunity to disarm him and make a break for it. When Joe's criminal employees find out about the escape, they set out to destroy him for his failure. It doesn't take long for him to convince himself that he must kill his future self despite the fact that he is being used in order for the lawless organisation to 'close the loop'.

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Seeking Justice Trailer

Wil and Laura Gerard are a married couple who are still very much in love with each other. Shortly after celebrating their wedding anniversary, Wil gets horrifying news: his wife was brutally assaulted and raped while walking home one night.

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Battleship Trailer

The ocean is vast. Many parts of it are unexplored by man; those parts make perfect hiding places for an armada of unknown origins.

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Jonah Hex Trailer

Jonah Hex is a brand new comic book adaptation directed by Jimmy Hayward and starring Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Megan Fox.

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Release Party For Gardar Cortes' New Album 'When You Say You Love Me' At Forbes House

David Jensen and Gudrun Jensen - David Jensen and Gudrun Jensen London, England - Release party for Gardar Cortes' new album 'When You Say You Love Me' at Forbes House Thursday 26th June 2008

David Jensen and Gudrun Jensen
David Jensen and Gudrun Jensen

Schizopolis Review

Hovering somewhere among a botched experiment, a sneaky assault on modern-day life and cinema, and the greatest home movie ever made is Steven Soderbergh's Schizopolis. Made at the tail end of the indie-film part of Soderbergh's career (which started off with Sex, Lies & Videotape in 1989 and provided diminishing returns afterwards), and right before he banged into the mainstream with Out of Sight in 1998, it has a no-holds-barred kind of frustrated genius to it that, even though it doesn't always provide rewarding viewing, is definitely worth a peek.

As far as the "story" can be described, Soderbergh himself (in his only starring role) plays Fletcher Munson, who works for the L. Ron Hubbard-like New Age prophet T. Azimuth Schwitters (Mike Malone). A pale-faced wage slave, Munson haunts his cubicle, doing nothing, and occasionally nipping off to the office bathroom to masturbate and make funny faces in the mirror. Meanwhile, there's some strange goings on involving bug exterminator Elmo Oxygen (David Jensen), who darts about the city in his jumpsuit and goggles, romancing housewives and speaking entirely in seemingly randomly-generated, Rorschach-blot dialogue ("nose army ... throbbing dust generation ... beef diaper"). Then, Soderbergh shows up playing the other major character, dentist Dr. Jeffrey Korchek, who, to be quite honest, isn't nearly as interesting as Munson, who at least gets to write reams of meaningless babble for Schwitters to spout in public. This sideline with Korchek doesn't distract much, though, from Elmo Oxygen's rants, or scenes of office politicking with Munson's co-worker, Nameless Numberhead Man - both hilarious in a Theater of the Absurd sort of way.

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