David Hasselhoff’s Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts has revealed that she’s ready to accept a marriage proposal. The Hoff has already proposed to 32 year-old Hayley three times, in different locations but so far she has always turned him down. However, she told The Mirror that she reckons she’s ready now: “If and when he asks again, I’ll say yes,” she told the British newspaper. Perhaps she still hasn’t seen that David Hasselhoff cheeseburger video?

“I don’t think he’ll do the traditional thing and get my dad’s blessing first but that doesn’t bother me. Hardly anyone does that any more,” said Hayley. “We’ve been together for over 18 months now so I think I’m ready.” Tradition clearly isn’t high on Hasselhoff’s list of priorities. He and Hayley have been scouring the Cotswolds for a new home and now that they have found one in a village called Broadway, he has already declared that he intends to rename it Hoffway. “I’m hoping the locals take to us,” he said, though we’re not sure that changing the name of their village is such a great way to ingratiate yourselves with the locals. “I love your country and almost feel like an honorary Brit now,” said the Hoff, though he admits that Hayley’s Welsh homeland is nothing like anything he has ever known before.

The interview took place after he took part in the Virgin London Triathlon, in a celebrity team with Alexandra Burke and a journalist from The Mirror. He opted to do the 20km cycle ride, explaining that- somewhat ironically - his Baywatch years had given him a fear of open water. “It stems from too many takes in the freezing, choppy ocean during my Baywatch days,” he explained.