David Hasselhoff steam irons his shirts in the shower.

The 61-year-old star has confessed he usually asks his girlfriend Hayley Roberts, 34, to help him smooth the creases out of his smart shirts, so when he was staying in a London hotel while she visited her native Wales, he had to think on his feet.

But the former 'Baywatch' actor admits he was shocked when his steam shower caused firefighters to turn up at his hotel room door.

David exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Someone set the fire alarm off in my hotel and all the lifeguards and firefighters came to my room and then I realised it was me that set off the fire alarm by accident.

''It looked like an episode of 'Baywatch' and the guys were quite taken aback that I was there and I was just petrified that it was actually me.

''And then I got to see quite a lot of people in their dressing gowns as they had to evacuate the hotel, but it was fun.''

Quizzed on how he'd managed to set the alarm off, he added: ''I was actually steaming my shirts. My shirts were wrinkled and I can't seem to get my girlfriend to go out and buy me a steam iron. She keeps forgetting.

''So I was steaming up my shower and waving my shirts around getting some wrinkles out because I don't like to iron things ... So I made a little steam shower and when I opened the door the steam went through the hotel and set off all the alarms. It was pretty funny.''

Meanwhile, the father-of-two is currently taking part in an experiment on social media to see whether people can tell the difference between him and his lookalike, play the game at www.hoffornot.com