David Hasselhoff claims he is against using Viagra.

The 59-year-old former 'Britain's Got Talent' judge declared he doesn't need the drug - used to treat erectile dysfunction - to satisfy his British girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

He told The Sun: ''I am anti-Viagra. I am the Hoff.''

David said about the former shop assistant who is 28 years younger than him: ''The sex is beyond belief.''

The ex-'Baywatch' star even claimed that he would like to die in bed with the pretty blonde if he could choose the best place to pass away.

He added: ''Someone asked if I could pick how I could die. It would be in bed with my Welsh woman. She is the best sex of my life - it's ridiculous.

David recently revealed he wants to buy his partner a pub.

The actor - who has battled alcoholism - is smitten with Hayley and thinks fulfilling one of her dreams would be the perfect gift.

He told Closer magazine: ''Hayley's always wanted her own bar, so I'm considering buying her a pub called the Hoff & Hounds.''