David Hasselhoff is dating two women at once because he is not yet ready to commit.

The 'Baywatch' star - who was married to former wife Pamela Bach for 16 years until 2006 and first wife Catherine Hickland for five years from 1984 -has a girlfriend in France and one In America but is not willing to choose between them until he has learned more about himself.

He said: "I have a girlfriend in Paris and a girlfriend in San Francisco, and they're really close to me. But I'm not ready emotionally to give yet. I tell them, 'I need to take time for me, I need to grow and find out who I am totally, before I can take care of you.'"

However, David has admitted that juggling two women at once is not as much fun as it would seem, explaining that his fame means it is impossible to hide anything from them.

He told Star magazine: "The problem with me is nothing is secret. They say, 'What does that girl have that I don't?' And I'll say, 'She has weekends,' and then she'll hit me.

"I'm just being honest, they'll read about it and they get jealous, because I'm an honest person. I treat them with respect, just as I would like to be treated."