David Hasselhoff was considered for the role of INDIANA JONES.

The former 'Baywatch' star claims he narrowly missed out on one of the most coveted parts in Hollywood history, but he isn't bitter that Harrison Ford got to play the daredevil archaeologist because he accepts that life has its ups and downs.

He said: ''I'm the guy who was up for everything: James Bond and Superman. I met with Spielberg for Indiana Jones.''

He added: ''I tell the kids that life isn't fair. Don't assume that somebody is really your friend or that you're going to do another year of 'Britain's Got Talent'. Once you assume that, s**t happens, it's really f***ing easy to move on.''

David, 60, has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and was honoured when 'Baby' singer Justin Bieber said he wanted to wear a T-shirt with his name on it to an awards show.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: ''He wanted to wear a T-shirt that said 'I'm with The Hoff' at the MTV Awards. Can you believe that? I got Bieber fever ... it means I'm current with the kids. It means I'm hip.''

David - who is dating blonde British beauty Hayley Roberts - is proud of his 'Hoff' persona and he is very happy to make fun of himself to make his fans happy.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''If we have to go with 'The Hoff' to pay the rent, let's go with 'The Hoff'.

''I mean, they dress up in discos as me. We went to one in Hertfordshire and there were 1,200 people dressed up as me. They told me they loved me. And at first I thought, these guys are making fun of me. But they're not. They're really not. They think it's retro and cool.''