International DJ David Guetta is partnering with the United Nations for a humanitarian cause. The 46 year-old has created a song called 'One Voice' in order to promote the campaign 'The World Needs More...' to help raise money for humanitarian needs around the world.

David Guetta
Guetta has sponsored the word #love

Guetta is one of the world's most popular DJ's and he is hoping this popularity can propel a worldwide effort to donate money simply by tweeting.

Fans can donate to $1 for aid to relief efforts from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippine by choosing a word sponsored by global brands to finish the sentence 'The world needs more...' and then tweeting #theworldneedsmore#yourword.

Guetta has sponsored the word #love but others include Barclays Bank (#Inclusion), Western Union (#Education), Gucci (#Strength), Crescent Enterprises (#Entrepreneurs), KT (#Dreams), Intel (#Empowerment) and GlaxoSmithKline (#Healthcare).

The French producer began by tweeting "#theworldneedsmore#love." He also premiered the brand new music video for 'One Voice' by projecting it on the side of the UN Headquarters building on Friday (Nov 22nd).

Guetta told Rolling Stone, "What they're doing is so much bigger than what I'm doing, I discovered that yes, there's a political side to what [the U.N.] is doing, but there's a way bigger side, and this is what I didn't know, is to be close to people, to give food to people. The humanitarian work that they're doing is incredible and really close to real people. I hope I can show this to the people that are following me and following my music."

Watch the official music video of 'One Voice' here