Never let it be said that David Guetta isn’t a charitable man. The DJ/ producer/ dance music sensation is reportedly raising money in aid of the humanitarian crisis in the Philippines, following typhoon Haiyan. According to MTV News, Guetta has partnered with the United Nations to launch “The World Needs More…” social media-powered campaign to offer aid to those affected by natural disasters and military conflict across the world.

David Guetta, One Voice Music Video Premiere
Guetta and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the "One Voice" video premiere.

The campaign is a widely focused humanitarian effort, but according to MTV’s interview, Guetta was spurred onto action by the Philippines’ plight in particular.

"I'm all about love, my songs, what I'm trying to achieve when I'm performing onstage, is that feeling like we are one," he said. "That's my goal when I perform, why aren't we feeling like one as a planet? That's love."

“I really need everybody to tweet,” he told MTV by way of explaining the campaign. Guetta is sponsoring the word “love”, meaning that every time someone tweets the hashtags #theworldneedsmore #love, he will be donating $1 to the relief efforts. Other businesses have chosen to sponsor the hashtags #dreams, #hope and #dialogue, but for Guetta, the choice seems obvious and self-explanatory. Guetta also produced the campaign's title song, "One Voice," performed by singer Mikki Ekko. The video for "One Voice" premiered on the side of the UN building in New York.

According to Guetta, publicity for the project is key: "My hope is that every one of my videos does 100 million views, if we can get 100 million people watching the videos, sharing and tweeting, that would be a lot of money."

Check out the "One Voice" video below.