Superstar Dj David Guetta has teamed up with Chic icon Nile Rodgers for a new dance project.

The two stars have joined forces in the studio and recorded a handful of songs, and Rodgers has already picked the track he desperately wants to release next year (14).

Rodgers tells Britain's Daily Star, "I've written at least three songs with Guetta. The one super, standout project we've done is something we're calling Future Funk. It's so absurd, it's crazy. I said to Guetta, 'I'm writing as if I'm thinking about what the future for David Guetta should be like.'

"It feels like something from the future, without being gimmicky... I opened up my guitar case, I picked it up and I started practising some riff. I screamed out to Guetta, 'Yo, record this s**t. I may never think of this again!'"