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Nicolas Cage Excited To Work With Non-actors

Nicolas Cage was excited to work with amateur actors in 'Joe'.The 'Ghost Rider' actor is currently starring as an ex-convict in the drama alongside a host of professional and non-professional actors including Gary Poulter, a...

'Joe': Nicolas Cage Silences Haters With A Stand-out Performance In Gritty Backwater Drama [Trailer]

Next week will see the release of new Nicolas Cage movie Joe in the USA, whilst the UK will have to wait a little bit longer. Before you greet that news with a groan and...

Chris Pine To Front Thriller The Line

Chris Pine will star in thriller 'The Line'.The 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' actor has been tapped to play the lead in David Gordon Green's upcoming film about a man who goes on the run to...

David Gordon Green Working On Laura Ingalls Wilder Film Adaptation

Director David Gordon Green is bringing celebrated author Laura Ingalls Wilder's books to life on the big screen as part of a new film project.The Pineapple Express filmmaker reveals he has been reading the writer's...

Forgotten Men Terry Gilliam, Jonathan Glazer Set For Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival 2013 boasts one of the most intriguing movie line-ups of the year, with two fallen heroes of cinema coming in from the cold and testing out new material after underwhelming efforts...

Could 'Prince Avalanche' Be Paul Rudd's Funniest Movie Yet?

Prince Avalanche, the new comedy movie written and directed by Pineapple Express' David Gordon Green and starring Paul Rudd could turn out to be very good indeed. In fact, we already know it's pretty good...

Little House On The Prairie Film In The Works

A 'Little House on the Prairie' feature film is in the works. David Gordon Green looks set to direct a future big screen adaptation of the children's book series - which was created by Laura...

Movie Reviews The Sitter

While you may have to hunt to find the plethora of end-of-the-year movies with "potential Oscar nominee" writ all over them -- most are appearing a relative handful of theaters and, in many cities, not...

Bell: 'Let Me Put Billy Elliot Behind Me'

BILLY ELLIOT star JAMIE BELL has pleaded for audiences viewing his latest films not to be upset - because his characters are so different from the sensitive ballet prodigy which propelled him to fame....

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Youth - Trailer

Youth - Trailer

Set in the beautiful Swiss Alps, Youth sees Michael Caine & Harvey Keitel in a fine piece of work.

Straight Outta Compton - Movie Review

Straight Outta Compton - Movie Review

This biopic gallops through the career of groundbreaking gangsta rappers N.W.A, working its way through a checklist of the major events.

New Adele And Coldplay Albums Due For Release In The Next Few Months?

New Adele And Coldplay Albums Due For Release In The Next Few Months?

New reports indicate that eagerly awaited albums by Adele and Coldplay are set...

45 Years - Movie Review

45 Years - Movie Review

Like an antidote to vacuous blockbusters, this intelligent, thoughtful drama packs more intensity into a quiet conversation than any number of...