Mollie King's ex-boyfriend David Gandy has revealed the reason that he and The Saturdays' singer ended their 10 month relationship. His quest for perfection was, it would seem, more than Mollie could handle. And she's not the first. Girlfriends before her have tried and failed to deal with his unending demands for perfection but it's always ended in a relationship breakdown. The 32 year old gave an interview for the forthcoming issue of Men's Health, in which he reveals the story behind the break-up.
"My perfectionism can make it difficult," Gandy told Men's Health "I know my ex-girlfriend struggled. Things have to be perfect - everything in the house, every car I buy. That's incredibly hard to live with if you don't understand it. Gandy added that he's especially meticulous about his looks. "I hate my hair, my lips, my nose. And I can't grow a full beard. People assume I think more of myself than I actually do." For those readers that don't hate his nose, his lips and his beard, or indeed, the rest of his body, Gandy gives the magazine's readers a run down of his diet and exercise regime, revealing, amongst other things, that his legs are "naturally big" so he doesn't train them separately.
Meanwhile, Mollie King has been busy dismissing claims that she has been dating Prince Harry. In a Q&A on Twitter on April 24, 2012, she said "Guys I'm getting lots of tweets about Prince Harry but as i said last wk,i'm not dating him & we're not in a relationship. We're just friends."