Pacey and offbeat, this cat-and-mouse film keeps us on our toes by layering the action thriller with fairy tale parallels. And the cast is strong enough to keep us engaged even when the plot skips over some glaring implausibilities.

Hanna (Ronan) has spent her entire life deep in the snowy woods, where her ex-spy dad (Bana) has raised her to be the ultimate super-agent. Now 16, she's ready to face up to her wicked nemesis Marissa (Blanchett), the agent who killed her mother. But Marissa has caught her trail, and as they chase each other Marissa calls in a ruthless German henchman (Hollander) for help.

Meanwhile, Hanna hides out with a sparky British teen (Barden) whose hippie parents (Williams and Flemyng) have no idea what's going on.

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