Back in the 90s, a brutal South East London firm known as The Guvnors pretty much ruled their side of town. But now there's a new generation of ruthless street gangsters led by Adam (Harley Sylvester); a formidable and scarred leader whose not afraid to inflict violence on anybody. While Guvnors leader Mitch (Doug Allen) has, with a huge effort, left his past behind him in order to have a career and bring up his child, things get complicated when Adam wants to make sure that the Guvnors are longer a threat to his leadership. After a bitter altercation whereby Guvnor veteran Mickey Snr. (David Essex), gets the better of Adam, the youngsters decide to go after him and Mitch. However, just killing them in their homes will no doubt bring dishonour upon their firm, and so the two gangs face a savage face-off on the streets of London.

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