David Duchovny can't cook.

The 'Californication' star admits he's no whizz in the kitchen, but says his son, Kyd, 11, and daughter Madelaine West, 15 - who he has with wife Tea Leoni - love the few items he has perfected.

He told People magazine: ''Last time I made a meal was back in the stone age! I don't think it counts as cooking, but my daughter and son like my sandwiches.''

The 53-year-old star also admits he can be ditzy at times and he's prone to losing things.

He added: ''I lose everything. Last night I went to dinner and almost lost my driver's licence. I was taking cash out to pay the valet, and just happened to hear the click of the license hitting the ground. It would have been gone forever.''

David is also supporting Madelaine's musical aspirations and recently treated her to a new guitar.

He said: ''it was my daughter's birthday in April and she's playing guitar now - which I love. So I got her this Avril Lavigne black-on-black guitar with a skull on it. I realised that kids like to play a guitar that looks good.''