Seventies pop icon David Cassidy has been accused of abandoning his 17-year-old daughter KATIE.

The teen has been trying to follow in her father's showbiz footsteps and, at one point, David was actively involved in her life - but not anymore.

According to the legal petition filed by her mother, SHERRY BENEDON, Katie allegedly claims that Cassidy shut her out of his life, and the star, who made millions over the years, has neglected his financial obligations to his daughter.

The suit, obtained by American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, claims David isn't paying his fair share of his daughter's medical bills, and Katie's mother wants the current $3,700 (GBP2,094) in child support dramatically increased.

According to the documents, David also allegedly called his daughter a "spoiled little bitch", and his lack of presence has fuelled her, "Anxiety, anger and depression."

Cassidy's representatives, however, insist his relationship with Katie is strained because of Katie's mother, who he claims is vindictive. The say Benedon is upset because the last time she took him to court, the judge ruled that David was paying too much in support. They add that David has never spoken abusively to Katie.

26/08/2004 02:43