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'CSI Miami' Cancelled

David Caruso Csi Crime Scene Investigation Patrick Wilson

One of television's top rated shows - 'CSI Miami' - has been axed by CBS and the writers are currently trying to figure out what happened to the beloved show starring David Caruso. Bill Carter - a writer for the 'New York Times' - suggested that the reason for the cancelation was: "because it was more expensive than its newer, and lower-rated, sister show, CSI New York."

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Longer running television shows end up costing more money over time due to a variety of reasons. Amongst these are the facts that actors who make a name for themselves through the show and become more and more famous, end up demanding higher and higher pay. Due to labour contracts, even the lowest crew members receive huge pay rises. Another problem is that in order to keep up with a level of quality established over a long run-time, expensive locations are used. This happened to 'CSI Miami', although as the production costs skyrocketed, the rating for the series steadily declined.  

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Top Earner Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey American Idol Brian Williams Charlie Sheen Christopher Meloni David Caruso David Letterman Denis Leary Desperate Housewives Diane Sawyer Eva Longoria Felicity Huffman Gary Sinise Hugh Laurie Jay Leno Jeremy Piven Katie Couric Kyra Sedgwick Laurence Fishburne MARCIA CROSS Marg Helgenberger Mariska Hargitay Mark Harmon Matt Lauer Meredith Vieira Piers Morgan Ryan Seacrest Steve Carell Teri Hatcher THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW The Simpsons Tina Fey

Oprah Winfrey gets paid $315 million-a-year for her talk show.

The TV star - whose series 'THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW' will end after 25 seasons in September 2011 - topped a list of the highest paid talk show hosts in the US, with her staggering wage more than the combined total of the next four top earners, Judge Judy Sheindlin and David Letterman, who earn $45 million and $28 million respectively, 'Tonight Show' star Jay Leno on $25 million and Conan O'Brien, who gets paid $10 million for his self-titled programme.

Charlie Sheen was the highest paid comedy actor, receiving $1.25 million per episode of 'Two and a Half Men' - more than double the $550,000 paid to his co-star Jon Cryer, who was second on the list.

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Caruso's Ex-lover Drops Lawsuit

David Caruso

David Caruso is breathing a sigh of relief after his ex-lover dropped her lawsuit against the CSI: MIAMI star.

Liza Marquez filed suit against the actor earlier this year (09), alleging he reneged on a deal to provide her with $1 million (£684,930) in financial support after their 2007 split.

The couple began a relationship in 2004 and had two kids after moving in together, but never married.

Marquez proceeded to sue for fraud, breach of settlement and emotional distress, claiming Caruso even threatened to "bury her" if she pursued him for the cash.

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Caruso's Nanny Sues Ex-girlfriend

David Caruso

CSI: MIAMI star David Caruso is facing more legal woes - his former nanny is suing the mother of his children.

Maria Vianey Guadron filed suit against the actor's ex-girlfriend Liza Marquez earlier this week (beg01Jun09) claiming wrongful termination and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Guadron cared for the couple's two children before the pair split in 2007 and then allegedly went to work solely for Marquez.

The nanny says she was fired after she refused to sign a confidentially agreement which she claims would have barred her from speaking about matters discussed in private with Marquez.

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Caruso Hits Back At Ex-lover For Filing Lawsuit

David Caruso

CSI: MIAMI star David Caruso has accused his ex-lover of fabricating allegations in a dispute over financial support.

Marquez is suing her ex in Los Angeles County Superior Court for fraud, breach of settlement agreement and emotional distress, claiming she agreed to be a stay-at-home mother in return for Caruso offering financial provision for her and their kids.

According to court documents, Caruso broke off the three-year romance shortly after his girlfriend gave birth to their second child in October 2007, reportedly agreeing to pay Marquez $1 million (£681,385) as part of a split deal.

She claims he later reneged on the promise.

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David Caruso Divorce Finalised

David Caruso

CSI: MIAMI star David Caruso and his wife of eight years, MARGARET, have finalised their divorce - two-and-half years after they separated.
The couple married in May 1996 and split in June 2004.
According to American publication People, Margaret will receive $2.7 million (GBP1.4 million), as well as a portion of the actor's residuals from CSI.
Caruso, 51, will keep two properties in Florida and one in California, as well as a Mercedes-Benz and a Bentley, while Margaret will keep a 2004 Range Rover, furniture and other items.
In addition, her name will be restored to MARGARET ELIZABETH BUCKLEY.

Jade Review

A few short weeks ago I posed the question, "What is Joe Eszterhas going to do next (after Showgirls)?" Well, this is it, and it ain't Disneyland: Jade, a horrid little thriller about a whole bunch of obsessive-compulsive crazies, some of whom may be murderers.

Actually, I wish it was that simple. Perennial bad-girl Linda Fiorentino plays Trina Gavin, a sultry psychologist with a questionable past. Chazz Palminteri is her sicko attorney husband Matt, and David Caruso plays assistant D.A. David Corelli, who is assigned to look into the murder of a wealthy art collector to whom everyone seems to be linked...especially Trina.

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Proof Of Life Review

Good films are hard to find these days. Great films are beyond rare. Proof of Life, Russell Crowe's one-two punch of a deft kidnap and rescue thriller, is one of those rare gems. A taut drama laced with strong and subtle acting, an intelligent script, and masterful directing, together it delivers something virtually unheard of in the film industry these days, genuine motivation in a story that rings true.

Consider the strange coincidence of Russell Crowe's character in Proof of Life making the moves on a distraught wife played by Meg Ryan's character in the film -- all while the real Russell Crowe was hitching up with married woman Meg Ryan in the outside world. I haven't seen this much chemistry between actors since McQueen and MacGraw teamed up in Peckinpah's masterpiece, The Getaway.

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King Of New York Review

King of New York, a violent story of one gangster who shoots, stabs, and beats his way to the top of the local crime scene, has never had the street cred of Scarface, despite the similar themes.

And though Artisan is issuing a two-disc DVD release of the film, don't expect it to find much more of a cult audience 14 years after its original release.

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Sinise Lands Tv Show In His Birthday

Gary Sinise William Petersen David Caruso

Actor Gary Sinise landed the ultimate gift on his 49th birthday yesterday (17MAR04) - the lead role in a new TV show.

The APOLLO 13 star closed a deal on his big day to be the leading man in CSI: NEW YORK, the second spin-off of American TV's top drama.

He'll join CSI's William Petersen and CSI: MIAMI's David Caruso as the series of shows' frontmen.

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David Caruso

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