A closer look at No Good Deed reveals a lot of sad truths. You realize that the once terrific Samuel L. Jackson is quickly becoming this generation's Ernest Borgnine, grabbing any role that comes his way. It dawns on you that director Bob Rafelson's last movie of impact was Five Easy Pieces and that was 33 years ago. You nearly shed a tear that Stellan Skarsgård and Doug Hutchison (Percy in The Green Mile), both good actors, are stuck in a barely released feature.

Based on a Dashiell Hammett short story ("The House on Turk Street"), the movie has Jackson playing Jack Friar, a cop who is cajoled into looking for his neighbor's lost girl. While chasing leads, Jackson helps an old lady with her groceries and inadvertently stumbles upon a gang's hideout. He's konked on the noggin, tied up, and supervised by the gang's stock femme fatale, Erin (Milla Jovovich).

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