David Bowie's filmmaker son Duncan Jones is singing the praises of medical marijuana after his new wife used the drug to help ease the pain of her breast cancer treatments.

Photographer Rodene Ronquillo, who was diagnosed with the disease in November (12), has been undergoing chemotherapy since last month (Dec12) and she has been indulging in a little pot use to get her through the tough time.

And witnessing her struggle has convinced Source Code director Jones of the powers of the psychoactive drug.

Voicing his support for cannabis via Twitter.com, he writes, "Its (sic) been both wonderful & at times hilarious to see @rodeneronquillo finding a world of relief from cancer through these drugs. Those who have an issue with marijuana for medicinal use, all I can say is you have no idea what a boon it is for cancer pain management."

Jones wed Ronquillo in a secret ceremony in November (12) after learning of her cancer battle. The couple became engaged last June (12).