David Bowie has a song which sounds like ''bump-and-grind stripper music'' on 'The Next Day'.

The singer's new album covers a number of genres according to producer Tony Visconti and includes one ''sleazy'' track, called 'Dirty Boys'.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: '' 'Dirty Boys', the second song on the album, is very sleazy. It's dark and it's sexy. There's a fantastic sax solo. David plays baritone sax, but he invited his friend Steve Elson to do the baritone on this album. He plays this dirty solo in it that sounds like stripper music from the 1950s. Old bump-and-grind stripper music.''

Meanwhile the title track is based on the life of a medieval English tyrant.

Tony added: ''David's writing in the third person. Some of the songs belong to his life, but some of them are things like social commentary.

''He was reading a lot of medieval English history books, and he came up with one medieval English history song. That's the title track, 'The Next Day'. It's about somebody who was a tyrant, very insignificant; I didn't even know who he was talking about. But if you read the lyrics, it's quite a horrific story.''

'The Next Day' will be released in March.