Commander Chris Hadfield of the International Space Station has become the toast of the internet since leaving Earth nearly half a year ago thanks to his dedication to sites such as Reddit and YouTube, endeavouring to bring the wonders of space to you're computer screen. His latest video however, a zero-gravity cover of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity,' might be his best yet.

The cover is actually Hadfield's swan-song, with the Canadian astronaut coming back down to Earth later this week (May 13), and maybe that's why the song has such poignancy about it - that and the fact that Hadfield actually has a pretty impressive voice. Still, it is not just his Bowie cover that we should be remembering Hadfield's time in space for, but the renewed interest in the wider Universe that his approachability and personality has whipped up since he started communicating with the rest of Earth from above the stratosphere.

As well as the Bowie cover, Hadfield as answered many intriguing questions on Reddit during three AMAs (Ask Me Anything), posted videos of his exploits whilst being in a zero gravity environment - complete with informative descriptions, and posted some rather stunning photos of Earth, taken from his unique point of view.

Hopefully, a worthy successor as unofficial ambassador for space will be found once Hadfield returns home, one that people can relate to and than can appeal to younger people in this modern age. Maybe then we'll have more kids wanting to be like Chris than like Kim Kardashian.

Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield aboard The International Space Station